The olfactory perception

No. Not a topic from your biology or psychology class. Well, actually it is but not in the sense of education for this post. It’s just that I was giving my girls a shower and the smell of Baby Johnson peach sabun strongly reminds me of my TKC days. Mungkin sebab zaman tu semua orang pakai sabun tu kat sekolah. Sofea Jane did a fantastic job in assuring us that we all would be a beautiful baby when we use that sabun. Heyyyy! I enjoyed the sabun and eventhough I didn’t come out beautiful from the shower like her, I smell nice!

You’d definitely have some sort of smell triggerred memories kan? Other than the sabun, Hugo Boss’ perfume reminds me of my husband. Tukar macamana pun perfume, whenever I come across Hugo Boss’ perfume, it’s always he, that I remember.

Body shop’s white musk reminds me of my soul sista Zizie. She always smells nice and fresh.

Smell of bread reminds me of Tokyo JR Station sebab sana banyak bakery.

The smell of ubat gigi reminds me of Khadeeja because she loves brushing her teeth.

Coffee smell reminds me of my morning routine at Starbucks in Menara Weld. And oh how I miss those days.

Some people told me that whenever they smell Clinique Happy perfume, it reminds them of me. Thank God I don’t smell like poo or garlic!

Whatever it may be, sometimes, when you crave to remember good memories, open up your senses and smell…

xox: NN

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