Naziah Nawawie and golfing…

… Will never be in tune as she cannot see where the ball goes!

I’ve been hitting the balls at the driving range since I started working but I never thought of making it a habit. Once in a while, i’d go and hit 50 balls if I feel like killing someone.

No, i’m not a good golfer. Never hit the ball more than 80m. I just like the sound it makes when the club hits the ball.

Last week I went for my first ever game on the course. EPIC FAIL!!!


After a few holes, 2 balls swimming in the water later, I gave up and concentrated more on driving the buggy around for the husband.

But I won’t give up on golfing just yet. I actually like hitting the balls so for now i’ll settle for 50 balls at the driving range.

Sekian saja post bosan kita di hujung minggu. Happy Malaysia Day!

xox: NN

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