The Desolation Of Smaug According To Naziah Nawawie


Am gonna write this review not as a literature lover, but as a normal person watching a great (GREAT) movie.

Soooo, first of all, I think this one is much better than the first one. I didn’t fall asleep this time. A lot of good scenes but too many good scenes. I mean, I pity Beorn. I bet by the end of the movie people actually forgot about him. I didn’t read the book so I don’t know if he is THAT important to be included in the movie. I hope he will re-emerge in the next movie or else seriously, they could’ve save some cost and time by cutting that scene off.

Secondly, why oh why is my boyfriend’s father prettier than him? And why oh why does my boyfriend looks not so flawless in this supposedly prequel? Make him prettier than every single elves in that movie. I demand of it, please? No? Ok… Having said that, Legolas is still very fluid. His movements are just so ballerina like. Love it love it love it! Tauriel is not bad as well. I like the fact that she likes Kili better than Legolas (you know that I only say that because I want to be Legolas’ girlfriend right?). So anyway, we now know that the Elves are not a peaceful and graceful species like potrayed in LOTRs. They do get drunk and they are very vengeful.

Thirdly, there was a moment (a few actually) that I was thinking of dumping Legolas for a human. Bard the gorgeous widower is just so cleaner looking than Aragorn. So I assume he will be the one who will kill Smaug with the black arrow in the next movie.

Fourthly, I now can identify some of the mighty men of Erebor. Bombur is the cute redhead with the round tummy. Fili and Kili are the brothers. Balin is the old dude. And the rest I still get confused but I know one of them is Gimli’s dad. And Thorin, is very charismatic. The lack of height did not make him a lesser leader.  I absolutely love one scene between him and Bard;

Bard: You have no right to enter that mountain.

Thorin: I have the ONLY right!

Lastly, Bilbo and Gandalf. They are important but they are not that important. How is that? Bilbo doesn’t shine that much in this movie but he is the one who solved almost every single problem faced by the dwarves. And Gandalf is Gandalf. No one can say anything bad about Gandalf. He’s just too iconic. Next halloween, if you want to be famous, be Gandalf.

After almost 3 hours of sitting down with no end to the movie just yet, I say it’s a B+. I still like LOTRs better. Ooh! And I forgot about Smaug the Stupendous. Beautiful dragon with a sexy voice (biasness alert because of B Cumberbatch). 🙂

I told you that I’m gonna do the review like this so don’t complain! Just read and let’s just agree to disagree.

xox: NN

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