Do you want to build a snowman?


I know this review comes a little bit delayed. No excuse. But I’m ready to give this movie an A+.

It’s been so long that I actually enjoyed a Disney movie.The characters, the storyline, the songs… Especially the songs.

It’s a story of two opposites. Elsa, the cool yet paranoid sister, and Anna, the quirky, eager to fall in love sister. Born with the power of snow, Elsa had to hide her ability after she accidentally hit Anna with it.

Hold on… i seriously don’t know how to write this review properly without squealing and singing every few seconds. I believe most of you have seen it so, am not gonna go into details. I’m just gonna share what I love about the movie.

I’ve never seen my daughters get so excited about a movie. It’s such a big deal in our house now that I just had to download the movie immediately (sorry Disney…). May I just suggest that you release the DVD as soon as possible? Thanks. Anyway, Olaf is our favorite man(snow) now. Whatever they do, it always ends up with one of them asking the others; “what’s the magic word?”. Good manners, eh?

Elsa and Anna… Everyone in this house wants to be either Elsa or Anna. The eldest even wanted Elsa’s dress and hairstyle for her Year End Party at school. I managed to get the Anna doll and now frantically looking for Elsa and Olaf. The best part about the movie is the soundtrack. From the opening number until the end. It’s awesome. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell did a fantastic job. The girls made me buy the soundtrack from iTunes as soon as they know it’s in it. I had to listen to ‘let it go’ a few times a day and I don’t mind the song at all. I find myself singing to it as well. Good lyrics, great tune. Is it nominated in any award show this year? If it isn’t, it should!

Bored with this review? I know… I’m sorry. I’m not in the mood to write anything but I know I have to write something. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it. If you have, do you want to build a snowman?

xox: NN

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