Parents! Mind your manners…

Second day of sekolah kebangsaan did not impress me. I am more appalled by some of the parents’ behaviors.

First and foremost, yesterday was a huge success for our household. The eldest did not make any fuss, except that she complained the classroom was hot. And since the classroom is hot, she needs money to buy milo ais because the water she brought from home was hot as well. Okayyyyyy… Call me paranoid, but not very keen of givingĀ  her cash just yet. And the thought of her, having to line up in a long queue, just for a glass of milo ais, and then not have enough time to eat properly is just not right (for the time being). Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I will let her buy her own stuff in a few weeks time. Just not now. So how do we fix this issue? I wish I could provide aircond to each classroom (you may roll your eyes here… Over kan?). But I don’t think the school would appreciate the electricity bill hike. Lucky that I’m good with this kind of problem solving. Cooler bottle whatever thingymajig! Expensive? Yes, but at least it’s cheaper than putting an aircond in the classroom…


*Excuse the model.

Back to the first day at sekolah kebangsaan. I didn’t get to stalk my child as the school did not allow any parents to stick around outside of the classroom. I totally agree with this. Children tends to be extra clingy whenever the parents are around, hence, crying hysterically. I know some parents worries but trust me, better that way. Just leave them and let the teachers handle the students. We just have to deal with the separation anxiety sooner or later.


*Stalker mom kept taking photos of her child’s every single movement.

Second day jengkel: Yes… Yes… I know you still want to observe your child but MUST YOU OCCUPY THE KANTIN AS WELL?! Waiting for them the whole day is absurd but if that’s your choice, it’s fine. However, PLEASE MAKE ROOM FOR THE STUDENTS DURING RECESS TIME SO THAT THEY CAN EAT PROPERLY ON THE CANTEEN BENCH AND NOT ON THE FLOOR! Seriously… How do you expect teaching your children basic mannerism (give your seat to elderly/pregnant women etc), when you yourself seems to be lacking of common sense? Kesian the students. One of the boy, who looked very hungry, had to go around the canteen to find a place to sit, while parents were having a picnic, taking up spaces. The teachers don’t have to go around and dispersing those parents. Those parents need to know how to act like adults.

I’m definitely not going to stalk her anymore next week. I’ll let her be. I hope those parents stay off school compound as well. Don’t hate me for stating the obvious. I know a few people will say “sukahati diorang lah”… Well… I bet the parents of those children who have to sit on the floor during recess might have a different opinion. Whatever it is, parents, please remember that our job is to provide the best example to our children. I’m far from being a perfect example but let’s just try to remind each other eh?

xox: NN