I just feel like writing a letter today.

Dear Maria,

I hope you are doing well where ever you are. I kept forgetting that you are no longer reachable. Kept trying to send you FB messages. Hahahhaha! Sigh…

Anyways, I wanted to ask you what books would you recommend for Khadeeja and Ameena. I ended up buying a few Enid Blytons and some Robin books for Ameena to practice reading.

I also got an FB reminder that today is Chess ‘s birthday. I wished him on his FB wall. I hope he reads it.

Khadeeja kept asking me Tasneem’s address. She wanted to send some postcards to Tasneem. I’ll ask Chess for her address later. Heard that they are back in KL.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Oh!!! I wanted to know where to get those metal bookmarks you made me with the beads. I lost the yellow one that I bought from you. It’s fine. I’ll google it.
So wherever you are, I hope you are at peace. Here’s something for you; Al-Fatihah…

xox: NN