Naziah Nawawie…

Was born on 5th June 1978. Daughter of an angel.  Mother to 4 gorgeous doctor-chef-architect-good persons to be. Sister of a psycho with princess syndrome. Friends to mortal beings, as well as the devil herself. Not-so very social but very much fun and interesting. Childhood ambition includes pilot, police officer, astronaut, and a clown. Always wanted to be a book writer. Started a few chapters but stop after running out of good stories. Love to see other people laugh, hence always making a fool out of self. When the whole world laughs, nothing else matter…


2 thoughts on “Naziah Nawawie…

  1. hai ziah…. ko baru lepas pantang ler now ni yek ? ihiks… miss u la ! teringat zaman muda remaja dulu. nanti email aku yek. kita borak. or leave a mesej ler kat blog aku.

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