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Naziah Nawawie and golfing…

… Will never be in tune as she cannot see where the ball goes!

I’ve been hitting the balls at the driving range since I started working but I never thought of making it a habit. Once in a while, i’d go and hit 50 balls if I feel like killing someone.

No, i’m not a good golfer. Never hit the ball more than 80m. I just like the sound it makes when the club hits the ball.

Last week I went for my first ever game on the course. EPIC FAIL!!!


After a few holes, 2 balls swimming in the water later, I gave up and concentrated more on driving the buggy around for the husband.

But I won’t give up on golfing just yet. I actually like hitting the balls so for now i’ll settle for 50 balls at the driving range.

Sekian saja post bosan kita di hujung minggu. Happy Malaysia Day!

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What I’ve learn in this 10 years as a wife

4 babies and 20kg later, here are my findings:

1) Some people were born to be a wife. Some people, like me, have to cultivate the skills of being a wife.
2) Cleaning skills are essential. Cooking skills are commandable.
3) You are never right, but you are never wrong as well.
4) It’s not how you win, but it’s how you compromise.
5) Sometimes, the best way to stay in a marriage is to keep a blind eye and deaf ears.
6) Most of the time but not always, the best thing to consume is your own heart.
7) Makan hati boleh menguruskan badan.
8) You don’t have to try to understand the game, you just have to be supportive.
9) Love doesn’t always promise you happiness.
10) The best thing about being married is about being a family.

Happy Silver Jubilee to me and many more years to come!







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Xpriencing Xperia


As you all know (or not), I am a fan of iPhone/Pod/Pad. Ever since Apple came out with an iPod, I was infatuated with it. And then came iPhones. Totally changed my life. I was willing to fork out nearly 3k for an underwater iPhone set just because they haven’t officially launch it in Malaysia. Since then, I make sure I was well equiped with the knowledge to maneuver those hi-tech gadgets. And ever since then, I didn’t even consider buying any other phones.

Until yesterday…

I’ve been using my iPhone 4 (which I fondly refer to as Yoda) since it came out with Digi about 3-4 years ago. I play, eat and sleep with it everyday until yesterday. I was and still am an avid smartphone user. Mainly for whatsapp, instagram, FB, net browsing and emails. I don’t really enjoy playing games on my phone. I occasionally watch videos on it. And sometimes I listen to songs as well. And I know for a fact any electronic gadgets will expire someday. For Yoda, it was yesterday.

No, Yoda didn’t die. Yoda crashed a few times since last month and I’ve decided in order to save Yoda, I must let Yoda rest. It’s time for a new phone. I really, really wanted to wait for the soon to come iPhone 5s but I know the price won’t look good. I was very reluctant to change from ios to android. I didn’t want to have to learn how to navigate a new system. And from what I heard, android is not as easy as ios.

Well, I should have known better and never listen to others before trying it out myself. I wanted the Samsung Galaxy for 4 but I thought it’s a bit pricey as well. So I went scouting for a quod core, 13mp, smartphone within my budget range of 1.5k. Saw the Sony Xperia ZL and didn’t think twice about it (after a few weeks of reconsidering of to android or not to android). The local Sony center was having a promotion and the price was just right.

After 24 hours of playing with Neo (yes, Neo as in The Matrix), here are some quick info, if you are interested in purchasing Sony or changing from ios to android:

  • The processor is superb. Quod core and no lagging eventhough your whatsapp notification is screaming like an ambulance.
  • 13mp camera is good. But I feel the photos are too bright. Nonetheless, with the right editing apps, you might enjoy it.
  • HD screen 5 inches is awesome!
  • Android is easy to use and better since you can sync and backup anything to your gmail account. No contacts will be lost ever again.
  • However, Apple do have better and loads more apps.
  • Easier to download movies or tv series from iTunes (if you use US iTunes account). Otherwise, just download torrent.
  • You can watch any type of video files on adroid as long as you download the correct apps.
  • I just downloaded an mp3 downloader and I am loving it.
  • But Neo does eat up a lot of battery. Maybe because it’s only been 24 hours. We’ll see how the battery goes after a month.

So my friends, I cannot say which one is better. My only advice is to try it on your own before deciding which system better suit your liking. My Yoda was an A+, so I hope Neo will fare the same if not better.

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Bila masa ‘bitch’ lagi bagus ni?

I was eavesdropping again at the supermarket today. Ikuti perbualan seorang budak muda dengan kawan dia melalui telefon.

Budak: Hello? Hey!!!
Kawan: ……. ( tak tahu apa yang dia cakap sebab dalam telefon)
Budak: Iya bitch? Si ustazah tu bilang begitu?
Kawan: ……… ( masih tidak tahu apa yang dia reply)
Budak: Ok lah bitch. Biarlah si ustazah tu. Memang dia macam bagus.

Okayyyyy… Sejak bila ‘bitch’ lagi bagus dari ‘ustazah’ ni? Budak zaman sekarang rasa kalau di panggil ustazah tu penghinaan kah? Astagfirullahalazim. Kalau aku di panggil ustazah mungkin rasa malu sebab belum sampai level tu lagi aku punya kepakaran but never that i feel penghinaan. Pfftttt… Bitch… Pffftttttt!!!!

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