The blog ain’t dead and I haven’t given birth yet people!

It hasn’t been neglected. I have been uninspired to write. A few times I had a good topic in mind but it ended up being ignored because I have been busy.

I will definitely write something about the Japan trip, which was AWESOME, by the way.

My updates? The stomach is growing but I’m not. My weight since a few months back is still 67kg. And fyi, I can fit in my size 14 baju with no problem at all (before pregnant, my baju is size 16… yes, I was and will be chubby after pantang ends). Currently I’m busy with the business. Make full use of the time remaining before I go back to Subang to give birth. Due date? 19th March but I will be in KL by the end of January. I’m pretty sure neither MAS nor Air Asia would allow me to board any later than that. So to those friends in KL, I DEMAND a surprise baby shower with gay male strippers! Heheheheh…

The girls? Khadeeja’s vocabs are unacceptable. Her language capability is better than mine (e.g.: I say ‘sink’, she says ‘faucet”, referring to kepala paip). Amazing what Playhouse Disney and Nickelodeon can teach young kids nowadays… Ameena? Cute like her mother of course. And cunning as well. :p

Ok peeps… Will write summore when I got time.

XOX: Naziah the pregnant cat