A sad note from the author


My dear friends,

Last week, I actually had good news to share but I wanted to wait until I was certain. Today, sadly, I was notified of the bad news…

Last week, I found out that I am pregnant again. I’m about 7 weeks along now.  Today, the gynae told me that it’s not growing at all.

Last week, I had mixed emotions about the pregnancy. Ecstatic, because I wanted another baby. Shocked, because I didn’t plan for it to come this early. Over the moon, because it was not easy for me to conceive. Guilty, because I feel I didn’t spend enough time with Khadeeja…

Today, I was advised that the pregnancy failed and will come out sooner or later. I am to wait for my period or do a d&c after our Tokyo trip.

My dear friends,

I am sad but not devastated. I am sad but not heartbroken. I am sad…

xox; Naziah

I think the winner for AI is very obvious…



… and they should just stop the show and give the title to David Archuleta. I’m a devoted fan of Jason Castro but realistically, I think he will be the first few to go out once they are in the top 12. I’m also a very picky Beatles/Lennon fan. I love their songs as sung by only them and only a few performances by other artists that I fancy. But this version of ‘Imagine’ was fantastic. I think this boy will be a bigger success than any other idol winner. Even if he doesn’t win the grammys, his fan base is so huge! He’s the next ‘Zac Efron’ (or even better than Zac Efron).

Enough about that… Let’s go straight to my list. This week I’ll rank it up from my favorite performance.

  1. David Archuleta – Very touching and very emotional… The vocal was really good.
  2. Jason Castro – Still my favorite. I love the whole performance. It wasn’t as strong as last week but still very likable.
  3. David Cook – The performance was good. The talking back to Simon was not!
  4. Danny Noriega – He’s so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his attitude!
  5. David Hernandez – Not so bad…
  6. Chikezie – Better than last week. Still not liking his attitude.
  7. Robbie Carrico – I agree with Simon and Randy. He still don’t convince me that he’s a rocker dude.
  8. Michael Johns – Very sumbang gitu! Not very good this week.
  9. David Yeager – I think this dude makes terrible song choices. His voice is not bad actually.
  10. Luke Menard – So the very the theatrical. The voice was so bingit. Very disturbing performance.

So who’s going out? I think the bottom 2 on my list. But I’m not surprised if suddenly Robbie or Chikezie is out as well…

In one word only… Shouldn’t be that hard…


Another trivia taken from Esah. You have to answer in one word only….

1. Where is your camera?

2. Your bf/gf?

3. Your hair?

4. Your mother?

5. Your father?

6. Your favorite thing?

7. Your dream last night?

8. Say something about life?

9. Your ex?
Happy… (I hope…)

10. Your fear?

11. Who did you hang out with last night?

12. What are you good at?

13. Where did you grew up?

14. Last place you’ve been to?

15. What are you wearing?

16. Where are you?

17. Your mood?
Super-Excited (hyphenated words IS considered as one!!!)

18. What are you thinking about right now?
Lunch… (It’s only 8.24am…)

19. Work?

20. How are you today?
(didn’t I answer this already?)

21. Relationship status?

22. Favorite food?

23. Last time you cried?

24. Last time you laughed?

25. Your siblings?

It turned out that this trivia is harder than I thought it would be. Anywhoooos, can’t wait for AI tonight. My vote is still on Jason Castro… Gorgeous eyes!!!!

They did it again… And again… And again…


Seriously… What’s wrong with these people? Without even the slightest rasa segan and malu… Kalau tak malu dengan tuhan (God knows what they do behind closed doors), malu la sikit dengan orang sekeliling. See picture above? This time around, they were actually KISSING in the lrt, in front of everyone. I think they were lucky because I was too excited to collect my Tokyo tickets @ KL sentral and was not in the mood to do any emotional damage at all…. Again, my plea to the lrt management, you have to do something about this. Public transportation is not a place for you to have ‘romantic moments’. Holding hands, I don’t care, but kissing in public is way too much! YUCKS!!!! This is why I prefer to take the bus home. You don’t see this kind of absurd behaviours in the bus. Why? I dunno… IMO, maybe because less locals takes the bus (at least my route back home). I always find that the bus to Sunway is full with foreigners. And they are actually much politer than the locals. They always give me seat….

One down, one to go…


We have 2 important weddings to attend/assist/handle this year. One that just went on perfectly fine was my uncle’s (last Saturday). So congratulations to the newlyweds again. The next one will be in the end of May. All I can say now is, Thank God I’m done with all the hectic wedding planning/schedule. Even if you pay me RM5000, I will NOT do it ever again. Not to mention the stress…. Yucks!

On a lighter note, I’m very much excited about our Tokyo trip next week. As carefully planned (so that I won’t miss Jason Castro singing that week… 🙂 ), I am trying my best to fit in a short visit to Zaza’s. The ‘big’ events for the trip will be Disney Sea and Gotemba (Premium Outlet warehouse). The rest will be spend around town (Zoo, parks, temples… shopping…)…. I’m bloody excited!!!!

What else can I share with you people? Hmmmm…. Angelina Jolie is pregnant again, JLo gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl), Edison Chen ‘retired’ (he’s a pervert and a jerk!), David Hernandez of AI is gay (checkout www.rickey.org), kempen for the election started already (some opposition leaders are saying ‘why not let people have their say by doing rallies?’…. My answer: this is not Indonesia… And the government pulak playing it dirty by advertising a really bad campaign ad on TV saying that ‘one party is actually posing as different parties’… WTF?! My opinion: the media should not take side….), there’s a nestle vending machine in Carrefour Subang Jaya that sells milo which taste like milo-van-sukan-sekolah (you know… van milo yang datang during sukan sekolah…. and it only cost 80sen! I was so psyched!)….

There you go… Still nothing much to write… Oh! And my ikan laga died last Saturday. What’s so special about this ikan laga you might ask… Well my friends, if you had any experience with fish-petting, they usually don’t last more than 3 months… My ikan laga lasted ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!! It actually died of old age…. iskiskisk….. And Ucin, I already DID the tag that you tagged me on…. I think it was last year……

ZzzZZzzzz… The ladies were such a bore!

I’m disappointed with the top 12 ladies performances. I can’t remember half of the show. It was such a bore! I’m not gonna say much about it. The ones that I think were good are Alaina (such a great voice), Ramiele (okay la… Not so shabby for a small creature like her… She’s so small!), Carly (whom I don’t think shouldn’t be in the competition because she already had a recording contract, which means that she can really sing), and Asia’h (very good singer). The rocker chick nurse? She won’t last that long. She’ll probably be in the top 12 but she won’t win.  So who’s going home? Who cares… They all didn’t impress me that much.

Since I have nothing much to say about the ladies, let’s play ‘predict the top 12’. Based on the first performances, here’s my list:

  1. David Archuleta
  2. Michael Johns
  3. Jason Castro
  4. Robbie Carrico
  5. David Cook
  6. Danny Noriega
  7. Syesha Mercado
  8. Ramiele Malubay
  9. Alaina Whitaker
  10. Carly Smithson
  11. Asia’h Epperson
  12. Kady Malloy

And based on this list, most probable to win this season is David Archuleta. I dunno… Watchu think?

The boys are singing tonight

2 words… Jason – Castro… Sigh… Those eyes! Those beautiful green or blue or whatever color it is… Sigh…

Back to the main topic, I’m really psyched about this year’s idol. I think this batch has got more talent than any other prior seasons. Not gonna waste your time with chit-chats and straight to my comments.

  1. David Hernandez – He can sing but most probably won’t be in the top 12.
  2. Chikezie – NOBODY gets away with dissing Simon Cowell! I am so discriminative towards this dude. I thought his performance was like a wedding singer. He could’ve picked a better song. I think he will survive this round just because he’s the only black contestant in the group.
  3. David Cook – I think he’s a Chris Daughtry wannabe. The performance was okay but it was SOOOO last season. Rockers are so out!!!
  4. Jason Yeager -Very nice soothing voice. This type of voice is really suitable for Disney soundtrack. Very forgettable though…
  5. Robbie Carrico – I agree with Simon on him. I don’t think he’s a genuine rocker. This one is a definite Bo Bice wannabe. But I think he’s got a good voice. Fair chance to be in top 12.
  6. David Archuleta – His voice sounded a bit like Elliot Yamin. Very, very good singer. If all the grandmas and all the tweens are watching AI, he’s got a good chance to win.
  7. Danny Noriega – So the diva! I think I’d be fun to keep him in the competition. He’s so funny. And a not-so-bad voice actually…
  8. Luke Menard – Good looks doesn’t guarantee a good song picker. He can sing but like in a bar or something. Not a commercial singing voice.
  9. Colton Berry – I prefer his voice than Danny the Diva. But personality wise, DTD has got more attitude. But then again, it would be fun to see him go on in the competition.
  10. Garret Haley – Errr… Did he forgot to wash his face this morning? Not a bad singer but his tangled hair is more noticeable than his performance.
  11. Jason Castro – My absolute favorite.The type of hippie genre and look… He is one good looking hippie with a really good voice.
  12. Michael Johns – Now THIS is a rocker. Not the Daughtry type of rocker. But more of a Chris Cornell kind of rocker.

So who’s going home? I’d love to see Chikezie go but for now, rationally and not emotionally, it’s going to be Luke and Garret.

What’s with all the rehab?

Nowadays, I think it’s a trend for young Hollywood people to check themselves into rehab. With all the money and glamour in the world, one thing they can afford is to pay someone else to teach them how to impose self-control. So weird… You know what we should have? A rehab for shopaholic. I bet a lot of us will have to enroll. I mean, the world is over populated enough. Those who have self destructive habit should be allowed redemption but let them do what they wanna do. Lesser people, better oxygen for all of us. Hehehhehehehe….. Actually, I still don’t have anything better to write. Not even a gossip. My life is DULL. I go to work, I come back home, play with my kid, watch DVD/TV, eat (or skip dinner), and sleep… Sigh… I need to spice it up a bit. Maybe I should go crazy and NOT sleep instead of not eating. Sigh… I really need a hobby…

I don’t have anything good to write


I’ve been down with the flough combo (flu & cough) since last week. It’s terrible. I don’t kno what went wrong but it’s just not going away. My ofis friends have been trying to get rid of me and some time they succeed, other time I pretend to ‘snort’ instead of coughing so they won’t halau me back… And this morning, as I was coughing vigorously, the Director who is seated strategically behind me in his nice cozy room, came out and said ‘You are still at it? I heard you coughing since last week…. Why don’t you go home if you are not feeling well?’. Truth be told, I’d love to go back but I have a gazillion things to do. Our Tokyo trip is roughly in 2 weeks time and I need to complete my February stuff before that. Otherwise, I’ll be carrying my laptop to Disney Sea….

Hmm…. What else do I want to share with you? Last weekend I wanted to see Sweeney Todd, only to discover Sweeney Todd is no longer playing. So Ly-d, maybe we should just wait until the DVD is out. I end up being my mom’s driver on Saturday… I don’t mind driving my mom around. She’s cool. Anyways, I changed my mobile number again. To those who wants to keep my number, it’s 0178784008… Nice haaaa? Thanks to Khalisa for choosing it. Reason why I change from Digi to Maxis? Maxis can roaming and sms roaming and mms roaming almost everywhere, including Japan. So it’ll be easier for people to call us there. And also I liked the number…. 🙂

Okay la… I’m not gonna waste anymore of your time reading uninteresting stuff. This week, I’m sooooo looking forward for American Idol. I think it’s going be an interesting show this year.


I’ve been itching to write something about AI since the start of the auditions, but I see no point in doing that. yesterday, they finally announced the top 24. I’m just not happy the ‘Uncle Kraker’ dude didn’t make it. I thought he was cool… Anywhos, here’s the top 24:


Alaina, Alexandrea, Amanda


Amy, Asia’h, Brooke


Carly, Chikezie, Colton


Danny, David A, David C


David H, Garrett, Jason C


Jason Y, Joanne, Kady


Kristy, Luke, Michael


Ramiele, Robbie, Syesha

I have no favourite as of now. I just hope it’s not one of those ‘Carrie Underwood’ wannabe. That Kristy girl is pretty but she does sound a lot like Carrie. For now, my favourite contestant to LOOK at is Luke… Very good looking… 🙂