I saw a rainbow this morning…

I didn’t get much sleep last night. The littlest is having fever. My eyes were heavy, my head was pounding. I had to get up and send the eldest to school. She was her chirpy chatty self as she was excited about the Raya-Merdeka celebration she’s having today. I was also hungry but I’m determined to finish up my fasting. It’s only the second day so I shouldn’t give up yet. I can feel my temper rising with each step closer to my car. As I pull out from my driveway, I realized it was drizzling on a sunny day. Looked up in the sky, and I saw it. I saw a rainbow this morning…

xox: NN

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

One of the best lyrics I’ve ever encountered. The novel, I haven’t read but the movies and dramas are good. Melly Goeslow rocks!

Bertuturlah cinta
Mengucap satu nama
Seindah goresan sabdamu dalam kitabku
Cinta yang bertasbih
Mengutus Hati ini
Kusandarkan hidup dan matiku padamu

Bisikkan doaku
Dalam butiran tasbih
Kupanjatkan pintaku padamu Maha Cinta
Sudah di ubun-ubun cinta mengusik resah
Tak bisa kupaksa walau hatiku menjerit

Ketika Cinta bertasbih Nadiku berdenyut merdu
Kembang kempis dadaku merangkai butir cinta
Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang
Sujud sukur padamu atas segala cinta

Have a great weekend y’all!

xox: NN

Facebook no-no!

  • Thou shall not share pictures of the dead – Come one people! Have some respect for those who are no longer with us. I know most of those posts were meant to be a lesson, but do it in an acceptable way. Use words instead of posting pictures of dead people/animal. Try to put yourselves in the shoe of the families whose picture you “shared”. SENSITIVITY IS A MUST. And you definitely have friends like me, who DISLIKE those photos. Call me in denial but I’m only human. And as a human being, we prefer to see happier things rather than devastating dead babies pictures. You know what happens when you share those dead babies pictures? We MOTHERS, our imagination will immediately screams ‘Oh! No!’, followed by a picture of our own children in that position. NAUZUBILLAH YA ALLAH. So please, friends, people, DO NOT SHARE GORY PICTURES!
  • Thou shall not let underage children have FB page – Most of you might disagree but FB ain’t the best place for those youngsters to hang out. It is not safe. You don’t know everyone in their friend’s list. And then there’s the thing with cyber bullies. I actually saw in someone FB page about this 14 years old fighting about boys (e.g.: kau ingat dia suka kat kau ke? kau syok sendiri la!). And there was once, parents had to intervene because someone’s daughter said something in her FB status about someone else’s daughter. You don’t want that. Also, bare in mind, a lot of unwanted ads in FB nowadays. You don’t want your children to click on ‘buy 1 free 1 pil kuda’ ad… No… No… Besides, FB is one outlet for adults to be adults with their friends. We share private jokes, we swear, we get emotional. You don’t want your 8 years old niece to come up to you and ask “Why did you say f*** in your FB aunty?”.
  • Thou need to realize FB is VERY public – You do realize that every single click is being published in FB right? Friends are able to see the last article you read, the last video you watch. Before you start complaining to FB admin about FB not being discreet, may I remind you that FB is a networking/communication platform between you and your friends, and not your ‘dear diary’ space. And again, you have underage audience. You don’t want your 14 year old nephew telling his friends ‘Dude, I saw this hot chick on chickĀ video on my uncle’s FB… Smokin’ man!’. I myself caught a few friends clicking on naughty videos. Hey! What you do on your free time, is your own business. But when you click and it gets published on FB, it became everyone’s business. So be careful my friends. Maybe you want to logout or use different browser when you surf those XXX sites. šŸ˜‰
  • Clicking ‘LIKE’ on sick postings doesn’t make the world any better – I know no harm in doing so (saw one post where the description says ‘if this photo gets 5000 likes, this person will get the heart transplant she needed’). But I imagine Dr Preston Burke, waiting in the OR, refreshing the FB page for the LIKES to turn 5000 and saying “Ok people, that’s the 5000th. Hand me the scalpel!”. Be a little bit realistic. If you wanna do charity, give money or food. Don’t press LIKE. Pressing LIKE on a picture of a hungry child in Somalia is like sending them a postcard with pictures of food with a message ‘we are thinking about you’.

Some of you might disagree with me but I’m just stating the obvious here. Some of you might even say ‘Lu tak suka wa punya FB post, kasi remove la’ or ‘Delete your own FB account if you don’t like it’. The thing is, I like FB. It’s one of the most effective way for me to keep in touch with my friends from all over the world. It’s a place where I get to kepoci and get juicy gossips. It’s a place where my friends get to enjoy me, being me. So no, I will not deactivate my FB account. But I will start removing and reporting those unwanted pictures or people soon.


xoxo: NN