Am I in denial?


  • Me being a shopaholic.
  • Me being a chocoholic.
  • Me having to WORK to feed my family.
  • Me living in the middle of chaos instead of somewhere in Maldives.
  • Me being a romantic person.
  • Me being a hippie.
  • Me missing my friends.
  • Me being homesick when I’m away from my teeny-tiny house.
  • Me being too much in love with Abu.
  • Me being too proud of girls.

How???? Tuhan marah lah kalau over-over terlampau ni!

Good movies over the weekend

I finally managed to watch 2 movies without falling asleep…

I watched 7 pounds after reading Syigim’s review about it. Very very very sad indeed… Sobsobsob… I’m not gonna spoil it to those who plan to watch it. I give it grade A. And you people kno how picky I am about movies. But I strongly recommend this movie. Will Smith rawks!

And then, I watched Inkheart. After reading a lot of not so good reviews, I delayed myself watching it. All I can say is, never believe watever the critiques are saying. I love the movie. I think the book was written for writers to escape in their own fantasies. Cat probably wouldn’t like it and she will definitely say ‘it’s naziah’s kind of weird fantasy adventure movie’. For me, it’s a touching story about family and friendship. Overall, I give the movie an A as well. I just love happy endings….

So I plan to watch a few more this week. Next week I’ll start work already. How time flies aaaa?????

Motown nite – Top 10

Let’s just say I’m carrying a huge big banner with the sign ‘Adam Lambert For President’ tonight… Ok… Nuff’ blushin’ about Adam…

Matt Giraud (Let’s get it on) – A very good opening for the nite. He made the song very funky and sexy.

Kris Allen – I didn’t watch his performance… Sorry…

Scott MacIntyre – Not good. Very pitchy. I hope America doesn’t give him any sympathy vote.

Megan Joy (For once in my life) – She sounds like a goat. She might be in trouble as well.

Anoop (Baby baby) – Good vocal but very boring performance. I felt like he was falling asleep… But sleepy or not, dude can sing!

Michael Sarver (Ain’t too proud too beg) – Beg for the votes Sarver cause the performance was not good! It was all over the place! I was hoping that it’ll be his nite since he’s got that very nice suave tone in his voice. Might be going home as well.

Lil Rounds (Heatwave) – My humble opinion has been agreed upon by Kara. This lady doesn’t sing, she shouts! It was a bad performance and Smokey my man, I wouldn’t want her to sing my phonebook!

ADAM LAMBERT (Tracks of my tears) – I’m SOOOOOOOOO buying this track from iTunes. I’ll pay the bloody 99cents just for him… And I love the clean look. Very very handsome. Go Lambert!

Danny Gokey (Get ready) – His fans might throw rocks and burn my house. I didn’t think that it was his best performance. He was half shouting the song. I mean, I’m a huge fan but I thought the performance was too ‘noisy’.

Allison Iraheta (Papa was a rolling stone) – Fantastic singer she is! I wasn’t a fan before but now I’m beginning to like her. Very talented. Love the husky vocal.

Who’s going home? Me thinks it’s Sarver… But also Anoop is in a very dangerous ground. His boring performance might be forgettable…

Serabut fikiranku…

Dunno why… Since I like making a list, let me list my thoughts down;

  • I think the fact just sink in that I won’t be seeing Arwah Fify anymore. Yes, life does go on but it will never be the same again. I just miss her so much…
  • If I were to be a housewife, I think we’d go bankrupt. I spend more $$$ than ever when I don’t work.
  • Everything is saleable nowadays. Pasir pun dijual untuk kucing berak. Yang paling best sekali is the fact that we have to pay for plastik sampah which translate literally, we spend money just to throw it away.
  • I need to find a new maid asap… My current maid will be going back in September. Why now? Sebab I want my current maid to train my new maid how to handle 2 kids and make sure Baby K wants to kawan the new maid. She’s very picky.
  • I just realized Baby K is EXACTLY  like me. We get cranky when we are hungry and sleepy, and super cranky when we are at other people’s place for more than 12 hours.
  • Meena is very bulat. Heh…
  • Akademi Fantasia 7 sucks!

Itu sajalah buat hari ini… Sehingga kita bertemu di lain post.

Sekian, terima kasih.