I like…

It seems that I produced a lot of negative energy these few days. I was mad. Then I got angry. Then I got furious. And then I got super-nuclear combo type of anger coming out of me. It was a really tiring. The swearing and breathing fire out of my nose was hard. And even worst, the eye rolling bit was tremendously tiring. I’m exhausted!!!

Anyways… I was thinking, a good way to calm me down is by writing about what I like most.  And I was driving back, I kept thinking… What do I like the most… Hmmmm… Still thinking… Hmmmm… I can’t decide. So I guess I have to list it out!

  1. Coffee: I love coffee. It’s something that I don’t think I can live without. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t stop drinking coffee. I lied to all of my friends (maybe Cat knew that I lied… Hmmmm…). Since supposedly coffee is not good for the baby, they all force me to stop drinking it when I got pregnant. So I fake not drinking it by sniffing everyone’s coffee mug, hence trying to get them to believe that I actually stop drinking it and crave for it every single day.
  2. Cats: I don’t understand how someone could HATE such elegant beings. I mean, I understand if you say “I don’t fancy them but I don’t hate them”. They are such beautiful and elegant beings (wait… did I said that already?). If you don’t believe me, then why do we use the term ‘catwalk’ to describe how SUPERMODEL walk? DUH!!!
  3. Comedy: Laughter IS the best medicine. When you laugh, you tend to forget that you are in pain. My all time favorite comedians are Robin Williams, Ellen Degeneres and David Spade. They are really, really funny. If you don’t believe me, check this out —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE1NGRvVE-Y
  4. Spongebob and Patrick: No! It’s not because he’s yellow and squishy or pink and pointy! I think their view of the world is so innocent and pure. At some point it’s actually just plain ignorant. And because of the ignorance, they actually have a lot fun living their carefree lives. And not to mention he’s got a house made out of a pineapple (I would like to open my own pineapple farm in Hawaii. Don’t ask me why…).
  5. Minyak angin: Another thing that I have with me almost all the time. I obviously don’t carry it all the time… Then I would have to carry it when I go to the toilet. Or bath. Or pray. Or sleep… Scratch sleep out. I have a bottle of minyak angin ‘yu-yee’ under my pillow.
  6. ipod: I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for giving the guy who invented ipod a great brain.
  7. Takuya Kimura: He is my fashion icon. It’s not like I love him. I love Johnny Depp. And Jared Padalecki. And Tom Welling. And… I better stop there. My ‘love’ list is really long… Back to TK… I just think he is the coolest Japanese artist I’ve seen. Very metrosexual…
  8. The Beckhams: Including the wife as well… Very, very interesting life they have. DB is the uber male icon of the century. And VB is just awesome. The way she brings herself out. She just took America by storm. Didn’t even care about the fashion culture and came out with her own sense of style.
  9. Britney Spears before she went cuckoo: She is my guilty pleasure. She really needs to get out of the spotlight. Otherwise, going by this rate, I’m not surprised if she end up killing herself. I pity her…
  10. Baby powder: If you can’t sleep, do what I do. Take a hot shower or bath before you sleep. And after that, put on some baby powder (along with your baju tidur of course… sleeping without your clothes will get you sick. Unless you live in the Amazon where there’s no kipas. But then the nyamuk will eat you alive…).
  11. Audiobooks: Since I rarely have time to read my books nowadays, I listen to it instead. I’ve downloaded ALL Harry Potter series. The only problem is, sometimes, your mind might drift away from the book. I blame this to tertiary education. All those lectures I’ve attended made me a pro in hearing, but never listening.
  12. Origami: Some people smoke when they are stressed out. I fold… It started during my pregnancy. And now it’s a staple hobby. It’s a great stress reliever. But I have to warn y’all. It’s a pretty expensive hobby. Those papers don’t come cheap.
  13. Green: I like the color green. It reminds me of nature. And also green tea. I love green tea. You kno what would be cool? If they have chocolate flavor green tea. Maybe Starbucks or Coffee Bean should consider this idea. Chocolate flavor green tea frappucino…

I think that’s enough for today… It’s 10.40pm and I’m sleepy… Good nite everyone. May you have a dreamless sleep (because if you dream, it means your mind is working overtime. Then you’d be tired in the morning because you have been unconsciously working at nite. And there is a possibility that your dream will become a nightmare. That’s a whole new story. You wouldn’t want to have nightmares. Then you won’t be sleeping at all!)….

And the drama continues…



Yesterday, I put up a complaint in their website and I was impressed when someone actually replied me in the afternoon. I was thinking, ‘I was wrong about their service’…

This morning, I got another email asking to confirm my address. And I was thinking again, ‘Great! I’ll be getting my cheque by this week!’. And then, the nice lady who replied my email called and told me ‘Ms Naziah, there seems to be a problem with the cheque. Our accounts department sent it to your old address in Shah Alam’. WTF?!!!! Since she was so nice, I did not swear or call them names. I was just angry at my normal level. After the call, I received another call from a dude (I think he’s from the accounts dept). Here’s my conversation with the SOB;

SOB: Ms Naziah, I have a letter here that requested us to send the cheque to this address in Shah Alam. I can fax you the letter now as proof (arrogantly he said that to me)

Me: What’s the date on the letter? I already confirm with 4 of your agents that what you have on your system is my current address. Can I ask you, what address do YOU have on YOUR system?

SOB: Your Subang Jaya address… And the letter was dated back in October 2007…

Me: And then? Why did you send it to my old address when you already have my new address? (I was already shouting at this point)

SOB: Takpe lah (Takpelah?!!! What Takpe lah?!!!!!)… Macam ni Ms Naziah, since the courier service have your phone number, bila dia sampai to your old address, and you are not there, dia akan call you punya handphone and you boleh arrange lah dengan dia mana you nak ambil cheque tu. Kat ofis diorang ke, kat address baru you ke….

Me: ………………………………………………………….

SOB: Your phone number is 01….

Me: Why would you want to send the courier guy to an address where I don’t live anymore?!!!!!!!!!! 

All hell break loose at that point…. He was really a dumbass (Khadeeja, if you are reading this when you are old enough, mommy is bloody angry and you CANNOT use that word until after you are 21 years old!). I’m itching to take legal action now…. Or write a letter to their Directors and get him terminated. Or kidnap him and ask for ransom. Or feed him to the semut api. Bloody stupid fool!!!!

Edit: This is what I want to do;


My Monday Morning

Here’s an excerpt of my conversation with an AmAssurance agent this morning:

Me: I’m calling in to report I haven’t received the second cheque you sent me.

AA: Okay miss, can I have your IC #?

Me: 780605…

AA: 680605…

Me: No! 780605…

AA: 760605…

Me: Excuse me. It’s 780605…

AA: 780505…

Me: @#$!%^*&^(….


After the fourth try, the agent finally got my IC # right…

AA: Okay Ms Naziah, yang ini saya kena buat investigation dulu, boleh bagi saya sedikit masa?

Me: How long do I have to wait this time?

AA: 2 hari.

Me: It takes THAT long for you to contact your accounts department? Anyway, they already called me last week to ask if I received my cheque or not. So I ALREADY kno that they ALREADY sent out the cheque on January 8.

AA: Okay… So now what do you want me to do Ms Naziah?

Me: Like I said in the beginning of the call, I’m calling to INFORM YOU THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE THE CHEQUE.

AA: Hmmm… Let me see… Yes, they have sent out the cheque on January 8…

By that, if I could strangle the agent, I would’ve done it…..

Don’t be rude aaa?!


 Another good topic to share… Idiotic-parking-stealers (IPS)…. You kno… When you already signal to masuk a parking space. And out of nowhere, a car zoomed in and steal your parking right in front of your eyes. That happened to us on Thaipusam day @ Carrefour Subang Jaya. See that car up there? They stole our parking space. Abu was so pissed off, he rolled the window down and;

“Hello miss! You didn’t see us waiting already here is it?”

… The girls were smiling and just said sorry and left in a hurry…

“Next time don’t be rude aaaa!!!!”

… And they just left without even having any sense of guilt….

Nasib baik the car next to it was about to go out as well. At that point, I wanted to scratch their car or steal their tayar… I hate ignorant people…

If you are in this situation (being the IPS… sometimes, it’s just an honest mistake…), if there’s no other parking available, I suggest you back out and give the parking back. You may never kno what would happen to your car when you come back. The girls were lucky because I was with family at that time. I wouldn’t want Khadeeja to see the  dark side of her mommy! Otherwise, they would definitely have to buy a new tayar……………..

On a lighter note, I was taking pictures of the moon outside of my house. Me being very tiny and midgety, couldn’t get a nice shot. Abu got this one for me and I love it! And also, that night, I had a weird dream involving the moon, myself, Cat and Emmyza (I dunno why)…. Apparently, Cat and I were walking in the streets of New York (*0*)…. And we were sucked up to the moon, and where we saw Emmyza who was working for Maybank on the moon and she told us that all Maybank operates from the moon now. And we were offered a job there. We took it and if we want to go back to earth, we can take the bus…..


For Zaza


Chill & Muhammad Arif (Is this how we spell his name Chill? Sori aaa kalau salah…)


Jibaut’s daughter… Nur Insyirah Batrisyah (again… This might be the wrong spelling.)


Wani & Firdaus


Along & son (i dunno wat’s his name… )


Khadeeja Asyari & bapaknya….


And to all; Zaza’s girls… Maryam and Sarah (begini ka spelling nya? Isk… I’m really bad with names… Sori again…)

Waaaah! Cuti lagi….

I’m not complaining, but I JUST ONLY got back my groove for 2008. Too many stops in between the working week is making me lazier my friends!!! This is good for my lazy-self but not good for my work-self. Then again, who’s complaining…

So…… What to do? What to do? I’m thinking of catching Sweeney the Todd (Abu’s biggest fumble this month… Peace B! I lurve you and you do look like Johnny Depp… *coughLYINGcough*)… Or I can always sleep in and not shower until 2pm… Sigh… Decisions… Decisions… Whatever it is, I’m just glad it’s a holiday! But NO, I’m still not voting for anybody in this election…. Heheheheheh….

Tabung kebajikan IUNN (iPhone-Untuk-Naziah-Nawawie)


To those who wants to donate, I welcome thee with open arms (…background music playing now is Journey’s Open Arms…).

I still think it’s too expensive for an 8gb but like what the handphone dude says; “kakak, handphone ialah handphone. Dia punya function mesti tak boleh sama dengan iPod punya.”…

So how?  The 80gb iPod pun baru RM1099…. But this is like, super-kewl!!!! How la? Isk…Isk…Isk… Must..save…money…for…Tokyo…trip….

I want to talk about the Touch N Go users

If you are one of those people who is NEVER ready with your TNG card, don’t read this. It’s about to get ugly here… Heeheehee…

 Every Friday, I will drive myself to work. Ever since the NPE, I hardly go through Federal Highway to get from Subang to KL. RM3.20 is taxing but it’s $$$ vs time. You want more sleep, you pay. You want to save your $$$ you get up as early as 5.30am to hit the road or else you will spend the next 1 hour or so in the traffic.

So, there I was, driving happily and singing in the car…. First tol was fine… No traffic… And then I reached the second tol before masuk KL. There were cars every where but luckily, I have my TNG. I’m one of those people who will get the card out 500m before reaching the tol. Back to this morning, tralalalalalala… Only 2 cars in front of me… Tralalalala… I was smiling at one of the driver on the cash lane. Dengan bongkak dan sombongnya, I was saying to myself, “Itula… Lain kali beli la TNG… Kan senang…”… Tralalalalala… And as I was moving up to take my turn, I was suddenly aware that we were still NOT moving! I stretched out my neck and saw the driver in the first car was taking out her BIG handbag and looking for something inside it. Astagfirullah… I was still calm… After a few seconds, the driver in front of me honked at her. And I was like, “yeee… so rude… wait la… no need to honk…”. After a minute, I was starting to get restless as well, so I stretched my neck again (Cat, I think my neck is longer a few cm already…). Y’know what? She was just pulling out her purse from the big bag and opening the purse to get her TNG card. Ya Rabbi!!!!! I was trying my best not to swear. The driver in front of me honked again, and she finally ‘piittt’ herself out from the tol booth. But wait! It’s not over yet my friends… She then slow motionly put the TNG card back to her purse and into her HUGE bag. And after almost 1min and a half (I kno it’s not that long… I am a drama queen okay?), we finally move and by that time, the dude on the cash lane was already making his payment and left before I did….

Moral of this story; if you plan to use your TNG slow motionly, might as well you fudgin’ go to the cash lane, and pay the fudgin’ tol using an RM100 note. I’m telling you guys, I’m not happy with this either. Inconsiderate people should not be allowed to drive. The whole thing about having TNG is to make the journey easier, not slower!

I need to calm down… Breathe in…………….. Breathe out…………… Today, I got no mood… Today, is my Oscar the Grouch day….


So… It’s that time of the year again eh?


No… not for the election… 🙂

The 2 hour premier of American Idol season 7 was yesterday. As you all kno, we went through last season together and we are going to do it again this year. Simon looked tired and more serious this year. Randy needs to shave off the goatee and the sideburn. Paula… Ms Paula Abdul… I like her… I like her ‘Rush Rush’ video…. I like the man in her ‘Rush Rush’ video…

So my friends… Pack up all your work before 6pm every Wednesday from now on!!!!

p/s: to those who missed, repeats are at 8pm and 11pm (I think… Err… better check your buku astro).

Orang kampung


 I’ve never seen myself as ‘budak kampung’ my whole life. Bukan cakap besar, tapi I was born in the middle of bandar Kota Kinabalu, membesar di tengah-tengah hutan in Sandakan, and di bentuk di atas Bukit Merbah, berhadapan dengan kubur Gurkha & kubur Kristian. And now, I’m working right smacked in the heart of KL, in between KLCC and KL Tower. I live 10 minutes from Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade. My ‘kampung’ is called TAMAN BDC phase III, Kolombong. It’s not even a kampung! It’s a taman for heaven sake…. The closest to a real kampung that I have now is my in-laws place in Kuantan. A nice Felda settling that I adore. There’s no pagar to separate the houses. The air is nice and crispy… Sigh…

Anywhos, back to what I actually wanted to share with you today… Yesterday, as usual, I take the LRT back from KLCC to Asia Jaya. I dunno if it’s my luck, but I ALMOST ALWAYS get the chance to ‘tegur’ budak-budak muda yang berlaku sumbang di dalam khalayak ramai. Yes… I do that… I told these kids off if they are making me (since nobody else bother to say it out loud… ), feel icky… I usually start with “Dik, ni dah kawin ke?” or “Dik, mak bapak tahu ke adik macam ni?”. 100% after that, they will just get off from the train on the next stop. Yes… I’m cruel. But if I don’t say anything, I consider myself bersubahat dengan perbuatan sumbang diorang. What? Of course I was also young once (still very much young as well). I’m not saying I’m an angel, but what you do behind closed doors is between you and God. Whatever you do in public, is between you and everyone who sees… This is not the ‘holding-hand’ thingy okay… This is serious like ‘lets-f**k-here-and-now’ act. (*O*)

To make my story short, yesterday, for the first time, it wasn’t me who told these people off. See the picture above? How can people sit next to you if you duduk like your father own the LRT (not to disrespect the parents but I’m pretty sure the guy don’t even have more than 1k in his bank account!!!). Sudah tu, bising macam he was in his own living room la! I was wearing my headphone but my ipod was off. The dude was like “hey kak, dengar lagu apa tu? best ke?”, and the 2 girls with him was giggling away. He was talking and laughing so hard, I feel like slapping him. And then, when 1 of the girl-friend ask him to slow down, he made this comment “sorila! aku budak kampung. tak biasa gi bandar ni.”… That was it… I was ready to move, but someone strike first before me. This was his words:

“Sedara… Maaf ye, sedara kata sedara orang kampung. Tapi orang kampung tak duduk macam ni. Orang kampung ni beradab sopan.”



…”Lain kali jangan cakap macam tu. Kesian orang kat kampung. Nanti semua ingat orang kampung ni tak beradab pulak. Saya ni orang kampung jugak….”….

Damn it was good! I left the train before I know what was the outcome of the teguran. But the dude was senyap after that and the girls were so red! Cat got your tongue now eh? Padan muka!!!!!!!!

Pengajaran pada hari ini: 

  1. Jangan guna alasan ‘saya orang kampung’ to refer to your lack of brain. I’m pretty sure, if orang kampung dia dengar, definitely dia kena baling batu punya la!
  2. Jangan buat benda tidak senonoh in public. There are people like me out there…
  3. Kepada yang melihat, jangan duduk diam-diam saja… It’s your responsibility NOT to ignore… If you don’t want to do anything about it (not everyone is comfortable doing what I do best; shout and stare… hehehe), just walk away… Far, far away… 

 I hope government or the LRT people would do something about this. It’s not a beautiful sight…..