Gatal tanganku…


Bedrest or house arrest will never be able to stop me once I have my laptop on. This is why I usually purposely hide my laptop charger…

Sudah lamaaaaaaa (seriously… no joke…. ) I haven’t been shopping online for anything but iTunes card. Let alone buying any luxury items for meself. But today… today, my friends, my mood was bad, temper flaring up, and body temperature was higher than a tiger in heat, I saw the bag. Some might not understand it, and boys will roll their eyes, but it’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

So after half a day playing the ‘to-buy-or-not-to-buy’ game, I found a great excuse to buy the bag online. This bag is my gift to meself for the doing the whole 9 months of pregnancy again. Good alasan eh? Pak Abu will beg to differ, but I do not care!!! So now, I wait patiently, for the bag to arrive… Hehehehehe…

Knitting again

Since I am bed bound and can’t go any further than the kitchen, a lack of anything better to do triggered the knitting frenzy.

This is going to be the first and hopefully not the last booties I made for protege #3. Let’s just hope I don’t run out of yarns to play with. Meow!!!

I’m officially a zombie

Nothing to do with the Walking Dead. It’s just THAT phase of the pregnancy where my brain thinks 3 hours of sleep is enough.

I’ve been up doing work since 2.30am and there’s no indication that my brain is slowing down. Nothing interesting on TV so I’m stuck with watching the Fashion Police making fun of people on the SAG award red carpet. And ooOOOooo… Natalie Portman’s pregnant belly is huge! I thought she just got pregnant?! Ok… Ice cubes time.

I’m back. So what’s with the ice cubes? It’s called PICA. This usually occurs during pregnancy where you go crazy and want to eat non-food items. Orang kita kata ‘mengidam benda pelik-pelik’ la… Nasib baik la I only feel like chewing ice cubes and not selipar jepun (yes people… I have friends who craved for selipar jepun… Don’t ask me how it ended…).

3rd protege update? Went for my checkup with Abu yesterday. Baby looks great and healthy and Puan Doktor estimated her weight at 34 weeks is 2.66kg. Since I still have another 4 to 5 weeks more (Puan Doktor said might even be 3 weeks more!), the baby final weight should be around 3kg. I’m already having regular pains and walking around feels like climbing mount Kilimanjaro nowadays. What I need now is a good massage. Every single freaking day until I give birth, I wish I can go for a good whole body massage. And I also want to eat lots and lots of icy stuff. Not normal ice cream. Tutti Frutti frozen chocolate yogurt or that Snowflake Taro balls thingy.

Abu’s going back to KK again tomorrow. He’ll be taking the new bibik back to urus all her work permit and stuff. Don’t worry… I have help. They are not leaving me alone with 2 small energizer bunny rabbits who doesn’t seem to kno when to stop talking or harrasing each other. Khadeeja’s favorite ayat nowadays is ‘Tenkiu Mommy… You’re so sweet!’. Do not ask me where she got that from. I do not kno! Meena? If you follow my FB, I posted a few, well, only 2 videos of her latest perangai. Semenjak she reached 2 years old, she seems to be evolving into this cute little ball of fire! Always making faces, dancing or singing or annoying the sister. Aiyoh… Letih mau melayan Khadeeja punya aduan-aduan whenever Ameena bullies her. Kesian…

Wokeh… It’s 3.47am and I think I need to try and sleep or stare at the ceiling or watch the Mentalist until I fall asleep. So, good morning to those who will be up and running in an hour or 2, and good night to those zombies like meself!