Dear Telekom People

Went to Telekom last month to cancel my Streamyx since I rarely use internet at home. And today I got my bill for a whopping RM300++!

First and foremost, dear Telekom people, I asked whether I’ll get penalized or not for the cancellation. Your staff said, ‘NO PENALTY BECAUSE YOUR CONTRACT IS DONE ALREADY’. Next I see an alarming amount for what I can only assume is the cancellation penalty that you told me I didn’t have to pay. Called 100 at 8.30am, spoke to a service officer who put me on hold for almost 6 minutes. Luckily she was polite and apologized for putting me on hold but please keep in your mind, dear Telekom people, even with the politeness and all, customers do not like to be put on hold for soooooo long. She confirmed that it is for the penalty charge but also agree that I shouldn’t be paying for it. She nicely told me she will escalate this but for the time being I need to pay to avoid interruptions. WHY THE FARK DO I NEED TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY AT THE FIRST PLACE? But then, she calmly told me that I don’t need to pay for it and just pay for whatever usage that was in the bill. I asked her to check my outstanding and found that I have NO OUTSTANDING since I always overpay my bill. Now. dear Telekom people, since you owe me a little bit of money, I hope you don’t cause any interruptions for my home line. I need to have it available because my children are at home most of the time and if there’s any need for me to check on them, it’s easier. Why don’t I call my maid’s mobile you ask? Because I don’t allow her to open her mobile until 7pm at night to avoid any interruptions when she’s doing her work. Key word of the day: INTERRUPTIONS. So dear telekom people, if you don’t want to lose customers, please be extra careful when you ask people for money that they don’t owe you.


Year 11th of American Idol Begins!

I hope, this year, America gives the title to a DESERVING idol (not just because he’s a nice guy or she’s a pretty girl). IMO, there were only 2 idols who deserves the title; Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I was up last night making a list of who should’ve won (according to their talents and my opinion. You don’t like it, just ignore the list.It’s mine anyway…).

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson

Season 2: Clay Aiken

Season 3: Jennifer Hudson

Season 4: Carrie Underwood

Season 5: Chris Daughtry

Season 6: Melinda Doolittle

Season 7: David Archuleta

Season 8: Adam Lambert

Season 9: NOBODY! They all suck!

Season 10: James Durbin

And at first, I was sad when they announced my favorite rude boy, Mr Cowell took off from being a judge, but after watching my old man, the most beautiful women as voted by People magazine, and the hot-dawg together, I’m glad they changed the line up. They gave good advise, non-condescending words were used (other than mr Tyler loose mouth). As it premiered last night, J-Lo couldn’t get any hotter. Divorce suits her well. LOVE Randy’s red frame. And my favorite of course, the old man himself. So friendly, so passionate with his fans. I hope they continue to choose wisely and not put just anybody with a face and a little bit of a voice in this time. Last year’s contestants was the best ever. Each very different from the other, making it hard for us to choose our favorite.

Let’s hope this year we get a few interesting contestants. That Phillip Phillips dude won’t last thru the second week of Hollywood but he sure is cute and memorable!


A friend in need

I usually don’t bother about this kind of stuff but this time around, I want everyone to look at themselves before saying anything about others (especially those who you don’t kno at all).

Isu panas Hattan bercerai akibat gambar ‘panas’ Farah jadi topik kebanyakan blog-blog artis Malaysia. I’ve known her for quite some time and are good¬†friends with her. We tend to criticize without actually knowing the person, so let me tell you what kind of person she is;

  • First and foremost she is a mother of 2.
  • Secondly, she is a businesswoman.
  • Third and most important fact is that she is just human.

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when we were young and careless. We tend to experiment with life and learn from our experiences and mistakes. I don’t know whether she did or did not have any abortion. If really she berhutang, I hope she settles it. But for everyone to judge her, it is unfair. Look around you. How many of your Muslim friends are living the life of a Martyr? 1? 2? How many Muslim friends you know, who goes out partying and ends up drunk by the call of Subuh? If you see all these orang kaya-kaya punya magazines (not gonna name anything particular but you get what I mean), photos speaks a thousand words. Celebrities, royalties, datuks and datins who enjoy going for Champagne parties, wearing what only can be described as secebis kain perca. How come nobody is saying anything about it? Hattan pun pernah muda, bukannya macam dia 100% perfect. Sekiranya gambar panas atau email yang di hantar tu adalah penyebab perceraian mereka, bukan sepatutnya Hattan yang lebih matang dan lebih berpengetahuan agama ini mendidik isteri? Instead, he took the easy way out? Astagfirullah…

I’m not defending my friend here. I just want people to judge her fairly. Not everyone likes her, of course. Nobody likes people who are doing better than the rest of us. But she works her ass off to bring up her children. She was very young when she became a single parent and she went thru hell to make sure her children gets the best in life. I kno most of you would say, ‘of course you say she’s nice because she’s your friend’. My answer is, ‘you can bet your life if you are my friend, I would do the same thing for you too’.

So to all my friends out there, think before you leap. Make sure, if you want to experience the wild side of life, you won’t regret the consequences later. Allah is Allmighty and when He decides to teach you a lesson, just remember it is on you.


p/s: Please don’t put any unnecessary comments about this. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.


Very very very mild depression

Dearest (insert your name here),

How are you today? Are you busy watching the Golden Globes Award? I forgot the Globes is today so I happily sent off my kid to school and stayed in the office with the second one in towed. No worries. There’ll be 20 repeats this week on Astro.

Remember my last letter to you telling you all about me being stressed out? Yes, that one. The stress continued and the bitter feeling of guilt and anger began to rise. I was feeling guilty every single time I leave my children at home (even for groceries) and my temper was shorter than any micro minis (or as we affectionally call it; ‘stp’). I got annoyed and irritated to almost everything. My psoriasis is flaring up again due to stress. ¬†It was really unhealthy. I realized there’s something wrong with me. I opened my Physiological Psychology textbook and the internet to check what kind of ‘hormone imbalance’ I’m up against. It was definitely not Post-Partum but it was something.

I kno it’s not right to diagnose yourself, but I didn’t want to admit that I have the problem to a doctor. After a lot of readings and research (2 pages of my textbook and a few websites), I have concluded that I suffer a very mild depression. I’m not gonna go into details but admitting to myself that I have Depression makes me feel better. Not a whole lot better but a little bit. At least I am not in denial, right? So what’s the plan to battle this thing? No Prozac or Zoloft. Just plain old natural remedies. Apparently St John’s Wort and Gingko Biloba is good to alleviate symptoms of Depression. Got those from GNC and today is the second day I’m on both of it. So far so good my friend. A little bit sleepy (because St John’s Wort is a relaxant and tend to help you sleep better but it’s NOT a sleeping pill).

I think most women, especially mothers suffers from mild Depression but doesn’t realize it. It’s not the end of the road. If you feel that you have my symptoms (guilt, tired, angry, stress… etc), try taking these herbs. So far I haven’t found any allergy issues but just in case, ask the pharmacist or your doctor about it first. And also, always remember that no matter what, praying helps soothes the soul.

I hope you don’t look at me in a weird kind of crazylady way, (insert your name here). I’m still me, with a little more flaws than before. Will you still be my friend? I hope you will.

xox: NN

Friday sneaked up on me!

I thought today is Thursday. No wonder Khadeeja was angry when I told her tomorrow is a school day.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to American Idol next week. Since a lot of request came in for my weekly reviews, I’ll try my utmost best to do it (ala2 perasan glams gitewwww!). If you noticed, I’ve been updating my blog frequently this month. Yes, I’m trying to get my groove back. Hopefully my laziness won’t win this time around.

Not sure why but my hormones been haywire lately as well. I’m angry almost all the time. Not eating right, with almost no sugar intake is not good for the mood. Yes, I take my coffee WITHOUT sugar. Yesterday I had a bottle of RM7.20 imported root beer and it was goooooooddddd. I was happy immediately! Why am I telling you it’s RM7.20 imported root beer? Does it really matter? No, it doesn’t. The thing is, I took the root beer thinking that it was lesser than RM7.20 (thought it was RM3 and don’t ask me how I got that wrong). Sudah sampai cashier, letak barang-barang, semua sudah masuk plastik, sudah bayar, masuk kereta, ambil root beer, baru lah perasan sebotol RM7.20… Salah siapa? Mereka dan keluarga merekaaaaaaaaaa…

Since tomorrow is Saturday, I’m thinking of having a back to back movie marathon tonight. I just hope I won’t fall asleep 10 minutes after the movie starts.


I leave you with “Loveable’ by Kim Jong Kook. The song been stucked in my head since last week. Enjoy!


Why is it a big deal?

I, as a mother of 3 is rolling my eyes every time the news mentions Beyonce giving birth. People give birth all over the world it is no big deal!!! Geezzzzzzzz….

I’m not jealous of all the attention she’s getting. I mean, she’s Beyonce! But when motherhood is being given such a big deal (i.e.: the whole floor of the hospital is closed, no cctv on, no mobile camera to protect the moment), dude, it’s a baby. Not a nuclear weapon. I understand their needs to have their personal moment. Like that, give birth at home. You have all the money in the world, get the best doctors/equipments whatever that is essential during childbirth, just get it in your house. My God! What if there’s shortage of room in the hospital and a patient needs a room but can’t get a room because you close a whole floor for yourself. I call that selfish!

So to Beyonce and Jay-Z, joy joy and congrats for the arrival of your daughter (I also don’t understand why people kept saying Beyonce was not pregnant and it was just to cover up the surrogate. Then again, why all the fuss of covering the birth up if it’s your child? Heheheh). But women around the world give birth all the time. Kudos to every single one of them too!!!

Perpustakaan bukan sepatutnya ada banyak buku ka?


Bila kata nama tempat pun PERPUSTAKAAN NEGERI, kita expect dari tingkat 1 sampai ke langit lah koleksi buku yang ada. I don’t know buku yang ada pun edisi terbaru atau yang 15 tahun lepas punya edisi. Don’t even get me started on cara susunan buku (buku ‘child psychology’ satu shelf dengan buku pasal ‘orang utan’).

And why offer membership for children when there’s no children book section available??? Sebagai pencinta buku, I was so excited when I decide on bringing the girls to the library. Nasib baik lah I went to checkout the place first. Mengecewakan… And don’t give me that ‘KL lain sini lain’ punya crap. Benda lain boleh guna alasan tu but library cannot!!!! Bukan ada peruntukan ka untuk beli buku baru? Haish!!! Frust nya la. My girls were soooo excited when I described a library is a place full with books. I think MPH subang parade ada lagi banyak buku dari ni library…