Paula Abdul is psychic!

And I have no mood to watch the show and write any comments just because of her… Either the show is totally rigged or she was stoned again!

Just to sum up (according to appearance order);

  • Jason – I agree with Simon… He lost his ‘touch’ for the last 2 weeks.
  • David C – Excellent performances but he needs to wipe of that pompous look away.
  • Brooke – Err… I hope she goes back tomorrow.
  • David A – Boring…
  • Syesha – Forgettable.

Bottom 2: A combination between Jason, Brooke, or Syesha.

Who’s going home: Brooke or Syesha.

P/S: I am in luv wif my new header… Courtesy of the ever so lovely, Mrs C… Tenkiu! Tenkiu!

Let’s Party!

The venue is not my place… Location is courtesy of my sister. Please grace the event with your presence. Gifts for Baby K is optional, but gift for the mommy is a must. Hahahahahahahaahhaha! I’m stealing her thunder that day by dressing up as a cotton candy! See you there!!!!

Ugly map… Sorry!

P/S: If you need map, please leave your email add in the comments… I will mail it to you.

Uncharacteristically Malaysian…

As you lovely people kno, I’m not patriotic about anything at all. Well, maybe a little bit passionate about animals… Hari ini, *sia  mau cerita sikit la pasal budaya orang Malaysia ni (and I’ll be doing it in my Sabahan lingo…). Kita selalu *tinguk di TV, kalau ada iklan pasal Malaysia tourism, mesti rakyat Malaysia di potray sebagai orang2 yang caring, berbudi bahasa… etc… Despite the warna-warni cultural stuff presented, IMO, those are  misleading. Sia mintak maaf awal2 la kalau ada yang terasa hati lepas baca ni (*manatau ada orang yang patriotik datang baca ini post…). This is what I find ‘interesting’ and misleading about watever the government’s been trying to force the foreigners and even the locals to see.

  • Caring – When you see someone’s purse got stolen and she yell for help, do you see anyone running after the thief? Hardly… Why? Alasan yang paling selalu orang *kasi is, “Jangan la kejar. Manatau pencuri tu ada pisau…”. My question to this answer is “Mana kita tahu orang tu ada pisau ka ndak? Kalau dia teda pisau, kan kita sudah missed the chance to do something good? Jadi bila kita mau bertindak? Bila orang yang kena ragut tu jatuh, kepala dia terhentak di jalan and die in the hospital after 7 days of koma? How do you sleep at nite after that I wonder…”.
  • Berbudi bahasa – Everyone wants to be Simon Cowell nowadays. Before him, IMO, Malaysian TV will censor anything yang menyinggung perasaan from airing. I’m not saying that we don’t say the truth, but instead, Malaysian lebih peka and menjaga adab dan perasaan orang lain. Mungkin, instead of saying “kau ndak boleh menyanyi”, we say “mungkin kau lagi sesuai jadi pelakon”… I hate wannabes! Just because Simon made a whole lot of money by being honest on TV, don’t think people like hearing it. Imagine if someone’s mother, so proud of the child, told everyone he/she will on TV. And only to watch in terror, as Roslan Aziz tells him/her that he sounded terrible in a harsh manner.
  • Thoughtful – From my previous posts (and experiences), budak2 muda sekarang ni ndak berapa peka dengan keadaan. Orang tua ka, orang mengandung ka, tourist ka, they will never bangun and give their seat away. Instead, they pretended to be sleeping… One of these days, I’m gonna pretend to fall on this people… See how they react…
  • Respectful – I never thought I’d say this but I’m glad I was ‘forced’ to give salam to seniors when I was in TKC. Why? Because you learn that to gain respect is to be humble. Kids nowadays, kena jentik sikit pun mengadu. I remember wat the Wise Miss Vicky told us when we told her the seniors were bullying us… “Naziah Nawawie, now you complain… Wait till you be a senior…”. And it was true enough…. 🙂

So my friends… Wat say you? Agree or not? Try to deny the reality but it comes right back at us with a smack on the face!!!

*sia – saya

*tinguk – tengok

*manatau – mana tahu

*kasi – bagi


My attempt to write lyrics/poem… I’m in a very artistic mood suddenly… 🙂


To the sun I tell,

To the moon I pray,

Of the untold stories my mind held,

Never a soul I trusted to lay.

Of life, of love, of tears, of pain,

Of near and faraway land.

To the drops of the morning rain,

To the middle of the earth’s hand.

I speak of the memories at heart.

I speak with the sadness and love I had…

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

I’ve been in a very bitchy mood this week. And since today is Friday, the level of bitchiness almost exceeded whatever amount that I could keep. However, today, I managed to control not only my bitchiness, but also my temper. So I deserve a pat on the back! Syabas Inspektor sahab! Syabas!!!!!! Let me tell you the story;

I was waiting for the lift from LG2 to go up to CP5 in Sunway Pyramid after my weekly grocery shopping. Today, I dragged Baby K and her bibik together. I love Sunway Pyramid but if I could just suggest to the management, either set up more lifts or make it go faster. I waited for almost 10 minutes before the thing arrived. But whatever… I was busy playing with Baby K… So we went in with 2 young ladies and a dude. The young ladies were all dressed up nicely. One a bit cepop and the other was not so skinny. Since it took forever to reach the floor, Baby K started to wiggle about and stretch her tiny arm to touch the cepop lady standing next to her. You wanna kno what the cepop bitch did? She brushed Baby K’s hand off! With her ugly fat face looking irritable, I wanted to slap her for what she did. I was ready to say something nasty but I didn’t have the heart to do so in front of my kid. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… It seems that not everybody like kids… So the cepop bitch got off the hook this time. Meanwhile, I was conjuring up my all sorts of bitchy come back which includes slapping her, pulling her hair, and killing her with the shopping cart. But then I decide that embarassment is the best retaliation. Here’s what I wanted to say;

Me: Sorry… She really likes pregnant women…

And she would’ve answered;

CB: I’m not pregnant.

And I would say:

Me: You are not? I’m so sorry… I thought you were…. You look like you are though…

It would’ve been nice if I say that aaaa? SIGHHHHHHHHHHH…. Whatever it is, I think I’m finally growing up and learning to swallow the bitterness of life. I’m not liking it but I shall try….

What’s in a name?

Di curik daripada Lisa si Kucing Comel…. Heehee… This looks like fun.

1.YOUR SPY NAME (middle name and current street name)
Ziah 12/4 (this sounds very Bond… Agent 12/4…. hahahah)

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME (grandfather/mother on your mom’s side and your favourite candy)
Salia Kitkat (oooOOOoooo! Exotic!)

3. YOUR RAP NAME (first initial of first name and first three or four letters of your last name):
Nawie (This is my father’s nickname…)

4. YOUR GAMER TAG (a favourite colour, a favourite animal)
Green Meow

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first three letters of your last name, last three letters of mother’s maiden name, first three letters of your pet’s name)
This one cannot change. I am Queen Naboo!
6.JEDI NAME (middle name spelled backwards, your mom’s maiden name spelled backwards):
Haiz Nadmah

7. PORN STAR NAME (first pet’s name, the street you grew up on):
Putih Labuk (Hahahahahahahahah! Porn star zaman 50-an… Hahahahaha!)

8. SUPERHERO NAME: (“The”, your favourite colour and the automobile your mom drives)
The Green Mitsuoka

9. YOUR ACTION HERO NAME (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)
Sano Nesvita

Well, Hello there Mr Cook!

David Cook

Andrew Llyod Webber is a tough person to please. He didn’t look happy even after a relatively good performance by Little David. But then again, if you are the writer of those fabulous song and someone forgot the lyrics when singing it, I’d be pissed too….

Overall, I think it’s a tough week. You need to be a specific type of singer to be able to sing big huge broadway style. Not everyone can do it. But having said that, David Cook is one smart and talented person. I’ll tell you  why, in my list…

  1. David Cook – Why? Because for a person who almost always changes the arrangement of the songs he picked, he stick to the original this time. And for that, he sounded different and really, really sexy. He proves that he can sing anything!
  2. Jason Castro – Still one of my favorite of the nite. I personally think that he might be in the bottom 2 and might even go home, but his performance was genuine. And you can see that he was scared like hell in the interview. He was really worried and I think he expect himself in the bottom 2 tomorrow…
  3. Little David – he boy who can sing, sang very well. Good arrangement for the song. But forgot the lyrics again. It’s just not too obvious this time…
  4. Brooke – I love the song and I thought she did well despite what the judges say. What I don’t like is the fact that she kept doing that stunt (wrong note, can i start all over again please?)… That was soooo last week!
  5. Syesha – The problem with Syesha is that she is really forgettable. Her vocal was superb but I couldn’t remember any part of it at all.
  6. Carly – Why is she shouting? Throughout the song she kept shouting. It’s like she got super excited and can’t control her voice. I didn’t like it.

Bottom 3: Jason, Brooke, and Syesha

I hope Jason stays because I think he was just too nervous this week…

Omma! Pe ga appo… Mori do appo… Huwaaa!

I was sick yesterday. Really, really sick… I had chronic gastrik (which I dunno how the hell I got since I had lots of food last week) and low blood pressure. For a person with a really bad temper, I wonder if that’s possible… Any doctors in the house? Can explain aaaa? Anyways… I haven’t had any proper sleep since Baby K had fever last week. Hence the sakit kepala and sakit badan. I was whining and whining about it. Then I stopped… It’s not like it’s Baby K’s fault that I’m sick. It’s my own fault for not excersising and not eating well. To those who will be and wants to be a mom, stamina and health is very very important. Very true that you don’t get like 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep anymore. And also very true that you don’t get to spend time on your own that often anymore (say bye-bye to your books, or movies, or xbox). But when you look at your offspring, it all goes away. People always say count your blessings. So today, I would like to count MY blessings…

  • Less sleep because of baby means I have baby to take care of…
  • Got sick because of too much food means I at least have food to eat…
  • Lesser time for myself means I have friends and family with me…
  • No time for books means less money to spend on books…

Untuk renungan bersama jugak: Taken from Ellen’s book again, she was saying how she hated this type of stuff. For example, I was crying because I have no shoes until I met a person with no feet. Okay… It might selfish but the person without feet won’t be needing any shoes right? And it still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have any shoes on to protect my feet… So what do you think? Selfish or realistic? Which would you prefer? Me? I’d count my own blessings for the time being…

The title is in Korean and it means; Mak! Perut gue sakit… Kepala gue juga pusing…. Huwaaa!

Asian selections

I love music of all sorts. I listen to all sorts of genres from everywhere in the world. From the Polynesian drumbeat to the best of Hollywood. If I’m not me, I’d most probably be a songwriter (not a singer… I’m an ‘in-car’ singer…) or a musician. IMO, some of the best songs comes from Asia. Here are some of my favorite:

  • Yuki no Hana by Mika Nakashima – I love the melody. Beautiful song. Click here if you wanna listen to her singing it live.
  • Cinta Kita by Maman – Not many people know this song. Excellent singer, excellent lyrics, and one of the best malay song imo.
  • Qian Li Zhi Wai by Jay Chou & Fei Yu Qing – I’m not a Jay Chou fan but I think this song is very unique. Maybe it’s the combination between his modern voice and the operatic voice of the other person. Checkout the video here.
  • Bogoshipda by Kim Bum Soo – It’s the soundtrack for Stairways to heaven. I get super-emo everytime I hear the song. It’s all because of the stupid drama. Terribly sad drama…
  • Stay Away by L`Arc~En~Ciel – One of the best Japanese rock group. The video is excellent.
  • Parrot by Howl – Very weird video but the song is just haunting.
  • Fantasia Bulan Madu by Search – No one can sing like Amy Search. This is one of the best ever written malay song in history.

The ‘MIMI’ week

She’s a music genius. She gave really, really good advise to the contestants this week. I never thought that I’d say this but Mariah Carey is SO not a bimbo…

I also thought that this week will be the end of the road for either Jason Castro or David Cook. It’s a girlie-girl song week. How the hell would a rocker and a hippie survive?!!! And then, they PERFORMED… When you have talent, you HAVE talent.

  1. David Cook – He sang one of my favorite Mariah’s song. Turned it to something that I can sing and it was amazing. Like what Paula said, I can already imagine the song as a soundtrack in a chick flick. o David Cook! I’m officially a huge big phat fan of yours. On a different note, this was a special week for him because his sick brother flew all the way from wherever (after being rejected by doctors a few times) to see him perform. (@v@)
  2. Jason Castro – Just like sunset at the beach… That’s how I imagine the whole performance. He looked beautiful as always and another fantastic week for him as well.
  3. KLC – I’m surprised that I liked her performance. Another one of my favorite song from Mariah. I love the fact that KLC sang it with a country twang. Not a bad vocal.
  4. David A – Didn’t like it that much but the boy can sing.
  5. Carly – She’s got the voice but this might also be one of her worst.
  6. Brooke – She could’ve scored big with the song but it was like out of tempo. Second half of the song, she was out of breath.
  7. Syesha – Very powerful voice and yet so forgettable. She’s at the bottom of my list tonight because I couldn’t remember her performance at all.

Bottom 3: Carly, Brooke and Syesha.

Who’s going? Hmmmm….. Either Brooke or Carly.