Congratulations to Wani!

Just a quick announcement…
I would like to congratulate Wani and husband on the arrival of their new baby boy today.
May your new journey as a family be as wonderful and as exciting as it is!
p/s: As I was telling Esah and Wani, I’m next!!!!

And the results are in…

As expected, Chubby Chris goes home this week. Bottom 3 was him, Haley and Phil. Jiggly is safe again this week. Geez! Enuff with her already!!!! We have Sanjaya to survive with for God knos how many more weeks. Not another tag-along person!!!!!!!!
Nways… I was thinking about the songs that I would like them to sing but none came up to my mind. I guess my creativity and imagination is not as active as before. Hence, I spend my off day morning by ‘decorating’ my blog. Notice the loads of links and watevers? Also that picture of Oscar the Grouch is one of my favourites. I actually labelled most of my entries as well. That’s how free I am today. I just finished downloading Supernatural and Smallville episode16. I’ll be watching it later in the afternoon. I wanted to catch the Idol re-run at 11am but was so hooked up with organizing the blog. Oh well! I can always watch the performances in youtube.
Also, here’s the latest Harry Potter book cover. The final book is called ‘Harry potter and the deathly hallows’. Will be on sale on the 21st July this year. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book. Also can’t wait for the movie 5th movie to come out.

Gwen Stefani is the coolest!

In my opinion, another good week for the AI. Not only because half of them did a good job, also due to Gwen Stefani. I think she’s one of the most excellent artist. She definitely don’t have the voice, but the ‘package’ is great. Funky songs that don’t require you to be vocally ‘Mindy-Doody’ (another new vocab which means professionally excellent singer), fashionably fantastic, very unique style (rambut, makeup…etc..), and not to mention a very beautiful husband (he was gorgeous in Constantine!). But enough about Gwen Stefani. My time on the PC now is 7.21pm and it’s only 21 minutes past the AI in astro. I have a few ‘surprises’, so can’t wait to share my thoughts with you folks. Same as always, my list from top to bottom.

  1. Mindy Doo – Some might feel her song choice was too boring but I love it. At least she don’t sing sobsob songs like ‘Jiggly Scarnato’…
  2. Phil Stacey – One of my ‘surprises’ this week. I love the whole thing. From the song choice, to the vocal. I tot he did well by sticking to the original version.
  3. Gina G – Second surprise… Rocker Chick Wannabe (RCW) did very well by choosing that song. Suits her voice. She should stick to singing that type of mellow rock songs instead of Chris Daughtry’s type of rock.
  4. Chris R – Nasal boy did ok. The song don’t suit him that much but I like the performance. He still sounds very nasal tho…
  5. Jordin – What’s with the Britney Spears outfit? She vocally reminds me of Christina Aguilera. She got a very good voice but not liking the song.
  6. Sanjaya – OH MY GOD! This is the highest that he could ever get from me. Unbelievable… The vocal was not good, and he kept messing up the lyrics, but the whole performance kept me sane this time around. I think it’s the song. Bathwater is my favourite No Doubt song. and I love the hair too. The mohawk was cute… —-> I must really be out of my mind tonight!
  7. Lakisha – Typical of her type of performance. She and Mindy Doo have the tendency to sing ‘black’ songs (not racist aaa… I meant song for big voices..). I kno that they shouldn’t be risking their week with changing their song pattern but it’s too predictable. The only difference between her and Mindy Doo is the charisma of the performance. She lacks it…
  8. Chris S – This dude is really falling apart. Now I feel that the jokes he make is a part of an act to win people’s vote. Very the fake… The performance was not good at all!
  9. Blake – I don’t get the whole idea of the performance. Maybe I’m not familliar with the song but it was too boring. I like Blake but tonight I just don’t get the performance. Like Simon, I think I have different preferences of song choice for all of them.
  10. Haley – Jiggly was the only contestant that didn’t put up a fight tonight. Very Celine Dionish type of performance. Everyone was trying to be hip and up-tempo and she came out like singing the national anthem. Tsktsktsk…

My prediction: Either Haley or Chubby Chris goes home. No amount of jiggling could save Haley tonight. Sanjaya will stay because of the hair and again, quoting Mr Cowell, whatever the judges say about him don’t have any effect on the voters. Either people kesian him or just like to see him as a joke subject.

And since I’m off tomorrow, I’ll think of my ideal song for the contestants (yes… I’m that bored….)

A special ‘Hi’ to Ida Z who just notify me that she is one of my friends who actually visits my blog…

Also to one of the loves of my life, Marina; once u come back to KL, we’ll go the zoo to checkout the geeses and the ducks… :p


Takziah to my schoolmate who just lost her husband to Leukimia… Semoga tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Arwah. Hopefully she’ll get thru this tough time with prayers and love from families and friends……. My heart and doa goes out to her and her little girl…

p/s: Can’t help thinking about the ‘what ifs’….. I hope I’ll go first before Abu. Can’t imagine life without him…

Bravo! Wot a good show!

I enjoyed tonight’s show not just because most of them sang nicely, but because the song selections were fantastic. So here’s my komens…… Listed below from my fave to the least:

  1. Mindy Doo – The song choice was absurdly boring but she kept me playing the performance clip in youtube for almost 10 times in 30 minutes. Not a tune sang badly.
  2. Chris Richardson – Nasal boy did his homework very well. I love the song and the performance. So sexy…
  3. Jordin Sparks – Like Simon, I feel like my love life was ending and the sun will never shine again. The emotion was good and the vocal was even better. Not liking the song choice of you don’t get my first sentence.
  4. Blake Lewis – Only one word could describe the whole performance: ZIAHLICIOUS (quirky, weird, excellent, super sexy vibe… Cat, don’t even think about rolling your eyes! Ben, haha! Funny! I’m not referring myself as ‘sexy’. It’s just the word ‘ziahlicious’ sounded like ‘sexy’)
  5. Chris Sligh – The song was good, his vocal wasn’t that bad, but not a favourite to me.
  6. Gina Glocksen – Again, it’s the song that I like, not her. She sucked big time. She ‘s trying too hard to be a rocker chick.
  7. Lakisha – I don’t like her attitude. Last week, she asked Diana Ross for advise on using the mic stand, and didn’t take it. And this week, she asked Lulu’s opinion on song choice and didn’t take it. This type of people will be divas once they’re out there. The song choice was okay. The vocal was just fine. We all kno she can sing.
  8. Stephanie Edwards – Kesian her… She got talent but no taste. Song choice was bad. She’s also trying too hard to be like Lakisha and Mindy Doo. Sing all this sobsob songs and sounded very old. And what’s with the boots and satin dress? Even I kno those 2 don’t match…
  9. Phil Stacey – He got voice. the only problem is, he’s not likeable enough.
  10. Haley – As per Janice, she might be safe tonight because her boobies were bouncing all over the place. That should be the remeberence point for her.
  11. Sanjaya – Dear God! Why are the Americans punishing us with another week of him?!

My verdict: Sanjaya’s safe because of the song choice. Either Phil or Stephanie or Haley will be booted out.

What a productive weekend!

<— That’s me and Abu on Saturday night @ Tropicana after a very productive Saturday I had with me mom. I woke up @ 9am, went from my place to my uncle’s place to pick up my mom for shopping. By 10.30am, we were in One Utama already. Got a nice parking spot right in front of Jaya Jusco Supermarket door… Best gilak! So mom and I sepnd the whole day up till 3pm there. 10.30am until 3pm, that’s a really long period of time a person can spend in one place. But we manage to do our groceries and stuff. And today, Abu took us to Shah Alam. From SACC to PKNS to Plaza Massalam, and lastly Giant. Another productive day for us. YEAY! But now, as the result of 2 days non-stop shopping spree (and it’s not even my stuff I’m buying…), my tummy starts to ache, my whole body is screaming for help and rest. So here I am, @ home, trying to chill but not doing a good job. But I must rest… Tomorrow am working @ 7am (Thanks Vernon! I owe you 10000000000000x)….. Chiow!!!
P/S: Abu keeps on saying he’s photogenic…. Pity him… Very dilusional… Heehee…. And yes, my nose are getting a little bit bengkak (tho I do have an abnormally large nose). Hopefully, by the end of the term, you guys can still see the rest of my face….


I just want to say hello to everyone… Had a tiring week, with all the low blood pressure drama, the ‘oh-so-busy’ days of not answering calls but doing up the ESAT board @ the ofis, wasting of time waiting for the top 12 American Idol performance… etc…etc… Very, very tiring indeed!

I have nothing to say about the Idol this week. I only liked Melinda and Lakisha’s performance as usual. I had the urge of pulling Sanjaya’s hair off his head. He needs to wipe off that fake smile he’s wearing everytime on stage. Brandon deserves to go out because he sucks! Chris Sligh and Blake should stop trying to arrange songs. They need to start singing it. Phil Stacy needs to stop trying to be like Chris Daughtry. So does Gina Glocksen… Chris Richardson should remove his nose, so that he doesn’t sound nasal. Jordin is one huge girl (or Ryan Seacrest is one really small dude…). And watever her name is needs to stop asking for sympathy… Oh! Haley… Her name is Haley. Ryan is the coolest, Randy is cool, Paula is drugged (in my opinion), and I love Simon Cowell….

Special ‘aloha’ to Benjamin (where’s your pink shirt? Stop wearing those green pants that looked like Legolas’s tights), Cat (y’know the dude in GQ? The one you labelled ‘there’s something wrong with him’? I think he’s blind… Otherwise, no man would ever get caught with THAT look), Nina (I long for a vacation since last year…. sobsob…), Esah (kau suda start cuti ka?), the girl in my tummy (stop kicking my navel. And mind you, my bladder is not a toy. You cannot squeeze it as you like…), Abu (I want to eat Bobob’s burger… No! I want to eat PAMA mi… No! I want to eat ice cubes… yes… Ice cubes yummy…), Boo (we need to sit down and I need to ‘download’ you with the essence of fraud analysis.. heheh…), Ly-D (how’s the breastfeeding going?)…

Everyone else; I am one moody very pregnant person. I apologize if anyone ambil hati these few weeks with me.. It’s the hormone. I’m not usually a b***h. :p

My dream house… In the flesh!

I went to visit Abu’s friend last week in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam. As we go all the way in, the area looks like a mixture of a kampung feel and a cowboy town. There’s rumah papan, and also kawasan perumahan in the area. And out of the hustle-bustle of the misture, stood a little blue cottage, in between a gerai pisang goreng, and a nursery (or surau). This was the house that I would never imagine could have existed anywhere in Malaysia. It was not that big, a single storey, I assume, with white picket fences, and an extraordinary layout. This is my dream house. A house that I always imagine I would most probably called ‘home’. I know it doesn’t look much like a mansion in the sky, but the feel is homely that I almost kncoked on the door just to have a quick look around. The porch, the windows, the backyard… It makes me feel so peaceful. God knwos since the pregnancy started, I haven’t been in the best situation ever. But at that particular moment, I was calm. I stop whining, I was just staring at the house, wishing it was mine….

Mindy Doo! Where have you been all these years?

Been having a very hectic week since last… Here’s an update of my so called ‘hectic week’

  • My mommy was admitted in Damansara Specialist due to Asthma (told her she’s getting old to climb 24 HUGE staircase 6 times a day)… She’s fine and out of the hospital since yesterday.
  • I’ve been having really, really, REALLY painful backaches. One unimaginable pain that I have never encountered EVER in my life. To the extend that I’d rather pee on my bed than try to even get up to take 6 small steps to the toilet. Note to self: Thank mom for carrying me 9 months in her tummy, & make sure my kid reads this blog when she’s old enough…
  • My maid still on holiday so I had to do laundry, clean house…etc… I enjoy doing it but restrictions no fun! I can’t do dusting the shelves and kipas angin. I can’t clean the cat’s cages or buang the poo-poo. So, me being ‘Monica’ not very fun when I can’t BE ‘Monica’.

But at least, despite all that, I (surprisingly) am thankful that I’m working 1pm this week. At least I could clean in the morning and not cook in the evening. My cooking sucks!

Anyways, back to Idol, I have no comment for individual performances. Just that no boys could actually make it to the top 12 if I get to be the jury. Even the worst of the girls (Antonella, I mean), sang better than most of the guys. Chris Sligh was ok vocally but the song was so kampung. Maybe I’ll put him thru and kick Antonella out of the competition. But at this point, I don’t care who gets into the top 12, as long as Mindy Doo (that’s what the person in called Melinda Doolittle) wins the Idol.

She should’ve auditioned for Idol last year. Not even Taylor Hicks silver hair could beat Mindy Doo’s superb performance today. How could a person outsing a good performance? Her performance last week was still the talk of the town, and she came today and gave a better one. I just hope she could keep up with her ownself. I don’t think she’ll have any competitor at this stage. People just might get bored of her excellent performances on the 6th or 7th show. Let’s wait and see if she can outdone herself again during the top 12 (assuming the Americans are intelligent enough to vote for her. Remember Gideon from last season? The dude who sang ‘when a man loves a woman’ perfectly but did not make it to the top 12 and the Americans let the specky “Chicken Little’ dude in?).

Whatever it is, my overall top performances this week:

  1. Mindy Doo
  2. Lakisha
  3. Jordin
  4. Stephanie
  5. Chris Sligh
  6. Sabrina
  7. Chris Richardson (I have no other choice… The boys were bad)
  8. Sundance
  9. Haley
  10. Blake
  11. Jared
  12. Gina
  13. Antonella
  14. Brandon
  15. Phil
  16. Sanjaya

My verdict of who goes out: Haley, Antonella, Sanjaya and Brandon

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6 weird things about me :

  1. I have to wash my feet before I sleep. Even if I got down from the bed to get a drink from my TV (which is right in front of my bed), I will HAVE to wash my feet all over again. The process is never-ending because I go to the loo every 30 mins….
  2. I’m obsessed with 1 cent… Everytime I see 1 cent just laying around anywhere (even on the street), I will pick it up and keep it. I actually managed to kutip almost RM100 of free 1 cents last year… YEAY me!
  3. I don’t like pink, but I have a lot of pink stuff. Even my phone is pink! I like green…
  4. I get super-sugar high when I take Ribena… Ask Cat and Marina. They suffered enough Ribena mornings with me! It’s like I’m the Flash + a kid with ADHD. Terrible…
  5. I’m so in love with Japan, that I don’t think I’ll go vacation to any other places anymore. I’d rather spend my vacation money there, every single year! I will never get bored of the sight of Tokyo.
  6. I never wash my sneakers or sports shoes EVER! It lacks ‘power’ or ‘edgy aura’ once you wash it. Running/jogging using a new pair of shoe is never comfortable. So I’ll wear out my shoes, and buy new ones when the old shoe retires…