I will never miss a thing!

I am so biased… He sang 2 of my favorite songs, and I thought he was da bomb! David Cook (let’s call him Cookie Monster…) sounded the part and even looked the part. If he doesn’t win the title, I have no worry as he will be one of the highest selling artist from AI.

This week’s comments:

David A @ Elmo (because he is sooo adorable like Elmo) – He CAN sing. There is not a single doubt that Elmo can sing. However, I agree whole-heartedly with Mr Cowell, it was predictable. I only liked the second song. I thought it was a good performance.

Syesha – Err… If she ever passed this week, I don’t kno what to say… She can sing but most of the time she was pitchy. And not very good song choice either. Happy feet… pffffuit!!

Cookie Monster – Clever Simon gave him an old song to re-vamp which was so very predictable. And then he sang Dare you to move by Switchfoot. I love that song ever since I watched A walk to remember. That’s one of my ’emo’ song. And theeeen, he sang Aerosmith. Steve Tyler is the best rocker ever. And Cookie Monster really knos how to arrange his performances… It was so dramatic, with the violinist on stage surrounding him… Go Cookie Monster!!!!!

No doubt I’m hoping Syesha goes home but she survived every single week in the bottom 2. Might there be a shocker and one of the muppets goes home? We’ll see… As for the winner; my vote goes to Cookie Monster.

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