PMS… Big time!

I was having a good day until suddenly my temper just started rising.

It all started when I tried to stop a little boy playing with the escalator. Not ‘at’ or ‘in’. He was playing WITH the escalator.  I panicked when I saw him squatting down in front of the escalator, poking his small fingers dangerously at the moving stairs(?). So I did what all responsible person would do. I told him he can’t play there. And the next thing I know, his mother was shouting at me.

Mother: Oi! Jangan sentuh anak saya.

Me: *Puzzled coz I wasn’t touching the boy and everybody started looking at me*

And theeeen, she made the biggest mistake of her life. She pushed me (aside to get to her son).

Me: Oi! Tak ingin la saya nak sentuh anak awak! Budak ni main dekat tempat bahaya. Kalau jari dia putus depan awak takpe jugak. Saya takde mood hari ni nak jadik hero.

By then, 2 security guards came to us.

Security 1: Ada masalah ke cik?

Me: Memang ada masalah. Perempuan tak guna ni, biar anak dia main escalator! Baik awak bagitahu management awak, kalau perempuan tak guna ni nak saman Jusco sebab anak dia putus jari, jangan layan langsung!!!

Mother: Itu masalah saya la. Yang awak nak busy body tu kenapa?

Security 2: Kak… Kita dah bagi amaran dekat tepi ni, tak boleh biar budak2 main kat escalator.

Me: Dengar sini baik2 ya. Saya nak buat baik, awak tengking saya and awak tolak saya.  I can sue you for physical aggression.

With no apologies and a thank you for saving her son’s fingers, she left. The security smiled and said, ‘itulah orang malaysia. Tak reti jaga anak. Kalau anak tu hilang kena culik, baru la nak sedar.’

After that incident, I was getting pissed off even for the smallest reason. Example; a girl walk in front of me conveniently swaying the plastic bag she was holding and it ALMOST hit me, so I told her off (but at least she said sorry). Another pms episode was when I was lining up to pay at the cashier. The person after me was standing too near to me and kept bumping my behind with the bakul she was carrying. So I told her that the line won’t go any faster even if she was my kembar siam. She just said ‘oh!’ and move herself away from me. And the last one was when I took the escalator up and a girl wearing the shortest skirt ever was standing a stair above me and I saw her undies (yucks!). I told her she should pull her skirt down a bit. She looked at me puzzled. And then I told her, ‘you are wearing a pink flowery panty’. She was so embarrassed and kept pulling her skirt down after that.

PHEW! I’m all okay now. Much better after venting the anger out. I apologized for those who was offended. And for the bloody fool who let her child play with the escalator, I hope you realize that once the fingers are crunch and cut off, it will not grow back.

8 thoughts on “PMS… Big time!

  1. Yup, PMS can be a bitch but at least you are able to tell off that stupid mother. Mmg ungrateful, dah la org tolong anak dia, dia buat dunno jer. Mmg betul kata security guard tuh, kalau anak hilang baru sedar.

    Anyway, enjoyed the other pms stories. had a good laugh about the flowery panty hehehe

  2. hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

    adehhh.. tak pasal aku gelak sorg at 6 am

    esp love the pink flowery panties part. i had a kembar siam moment yesterday @ carrefour too! only it was a guy – didn’t tell him off coz he had 2 kids + wife with very small baby in tow (harrassed enuff as it is – so let it slide.. i moved away instead)


    ziah, if i was in ur position pun aku pissed off.. which is why i always think that sometimes it’s hard to be a good citizen.

    some would take it as you being a busybody. *sigh* but do not let this incident discourage u from continuing to look out for kids yg mak bapak dia tak reti nak jaga. as the guard said, kot esok2 anak kena culik – time tu la baru nak nyalak lamenting why bystanders did not help out

  3. Nuwal and Ly-d: She should have gone ‘commando’… The memory of the flowery panty is so unforgettable….

    Zize: Perempuan melayu, yg mcm moden jugakla… Dia ingat dia pakai beg mahal aku heran?!!!

    Nina: Can you imgaine if Imtiyaz (touch wood) yg main escalator tu? The most logical respond is for us to scold our kid. Yg ni, dia suka gaknya anak dia putus jari…

    Jade: Why, thank you! You only get this kind of story when I have pms… But this one is exceptional becoz I strike not 3, but 4!

  4. shanky says:

    Thank you NA for entertaining me at 5.44AM sitting in the coldest part of the 19th floor with BOO NOT entertaining ME!
    I miss our morning chats – next week ok !
    come find me OK?

    BTW – tat woman is a BIATCH!
    People these days just dont appreciate people’s caring behaviour anymore lo!

    YUX – flowery panties…stupid bimbo!!!

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