Saya di Singapura

So far so good… AirAsia didn’t screw up the timing. The flight was BAD because of the weather. The taxi ride from the airport to the office was killing me because the uncle didn’t kno where Comtech is and started telling me about his life story. He even showed me that he got no teeth… All that he’s got was his gums… No teeth… Just gums… And he drove like 10km/jam. I feel like asking him to drive as if he is running after his long lost teeth…

It was raining a bit this morning and now, it’s 12.27noon, the weather lloks fine. I’m waiting for my boss to take me out for lunch. The new office? Fantastic! Their pantry looks like an ikea advert lah! So jeles… I’ll take a picture of the espresso machine (if they still have it). And they have a vending machine with all the nice minuman. Sigh… Maybe I can steal some milo 3 in 1… The milo 3 in 1 is free by the way… So I should just take a whole bunch and bring that back to you nice people in The Weld.

Okla… I have pretend to be busy now… My flight back is at 7.10pm. Hopefully there’s no delay…

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