The Aftermath

At last, 2 kedai pun sudah lah settle!

Alhamdulillah… Thank God…

Sekarang tinggal mau manage saja lah. We are (or already me think) employing an accountant and clerk to handle the administrative part of the company. Aku awal-awal surrender bab kira-kira ni. Admin punya hal, terlampau banyak mau buat, so kena ada clerk. Tidak kalu, tadak tidur la saya. I’ve been working at least 12 hours daily for the past few days. It is really tiring. But now, since the kedai suda buka, I think I deserve a little rest. My daily jadual starting from today is 9am to 2pm, balik dulu rehat, datang kedai balik pukul 7pm sampai closing. At least I have time to play around with the Powerpuff Girls.

Tiring? Of course! I am physically and mentally tired. Too tired until I cannot sleep properly sebab badan ku sakit. Now, I think I’m coming down with  sore throat and selsema. Need to go and get ubat from doktor tomorrow.

Apa pun, I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and support. I don’t think I could’ve done it without the super efficient support team from Ms Read. And of course, if it wasn’t for my family, this project would still be just a dream.

To my friends, your prayers were heard and answered. The store is standing because of you…


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